How Is Covid Responsible For A Surge In Cosmetic Dentistry? Uncategorized 

How Is Covid Responsible For A Surge In Cosmetic Dentistry?

How Does Your Smile Look On Camera? The Zoom boom has created an increase in people wanting to enhance their smile. One of the many changes to take place during 2020 is the widespread adoption of Zoom video conference software. During just the first quarter of the year, adoption rates had risen by 169% in comparison to the same period of 2019. Zoom has become integrated in our daily lives, allowing remote employees to keep in touch with colleagues, fitness enthusiasts to carry on with their exercise classes and friends…

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10 Things a Visiting Carer Can Help With Uncategorized 

10 Things a Visiting Carer Can Help With

How You Could Benefit From Professional Care Visiting carers make a wealth of difference to people’s lives on a day to day basis, helping them to maintain their independence for longer. Visiting care can be a lifeline for a wide range of people. Here’s how a visiting carer could help you or a loved one: Running errands If you need someone to run your errands for you, a visiting carer will be able to step in and make sure you stay on top of everything. Whether it’s buying food, collecting…

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Can You Really Buy A New Smile Over The Internet? Uncategorized 

Can You Really Buy A New Smile Over The Internet?

How Safe Is Mail Order Alignment Treatment? Are you unhappy with your wonky teeth? Now may be the right time to enhance your smile, but be aware of the risks of buying aligners over the Internet. Online shopping has surged in the UK this year, with a 200% increase in home and leisure retail in the week immediately after the first lockdown began. Brits sure do love to shop online and it seems that there’s no limit to what we’re willing to order over the Internet. The latest trend is…

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Converting Disused Garage Space Into A New Office Uncategorized 

Converting Disused Garage Space Into A New Office

Homeworking Causes Demand For Distraction-Free Space Have you switched back to a homeworking role again? Consider converting your garage to find the peace and quiet you need for your work. After spending the summer urging workers to get back to the office, the government is now recommending that Brits work from home where they can. If you spent lockdown juggling kids, pets and your spouse whilst trying to handle your daily work tasks, then you may be groaning at the idea of remote working once again. What you’re looking for…

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How To Prepare Your Static Caravan For Winter Uncategorized 

How To Prepare Your Static Caravan For Winter

Winterising Your Static Home Should Be A Priority Why caravan owners should start preparing their static homes before locking up for the winter. With caravan parks having reopened from July 4th, it may seem as though you’ve only just managed to get back to your static home this summer and already it’s time to think about your winter preparations. If you’re going to be leaving your caravan over the colder months, then you need to be aware of the damage that can be caused by flooding or freezing conditions. Here’s…

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Fallow Periods in Dentistry Explained Uncategorized 

Fallow Periods in Dentistry Explained

Mitigating The Risks of AGPs What are fallow periods and how are they affecting the average dental practice? Dentists have been open for business since the 8th June, following the imposed lockdown during the pandemic. But it’s fair to say that a visit to your typical dentist practice may seem very different at the moment as day-to-day operations need to satisfy pages of government regulations. One of these includes the introduction of fallow periods. The Impact of Aerosol Generating Procedures One of the biggest challenges to dentists, is their need…

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Get The Most Out Of Your Autumn Caravan Break Uncategorized 

Get The Most Out Of Your Autumn Caravan Break

Taking A Seasonal Trip To Your Static Home Caravans aren’t just for the summer! Embrace the change of seasons and head to your caravan this autumn. Has your caravan season started a little later this year? Caravan parks were officially allowed to reopen from July 4th which has delayed holidaymaker plans somewhat for the season. But with autumn still promising some reasonably warm weather predictions, there should be every opportunity for you to make the most out of a caravan break during September and October. As the leaves start to…

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Enhance SME Productivity Using Microsoft PowerApps Business 

Enhance SME Productivity Using Microsoft PowerApps

Small Businesses Can Benefit From Easy App Creation Automation is at the heart of enhanced productivity for small businesses. Check out Power Apps to simplify internal processes.   The business impact of Covid-19 has been severe, as many global countries are still struggling to control the pandemic. From remote working, to wearing facemasks, and unfortunately redundancies too, the virus will cost the UK SME industry £69 billion according to the Simply Business survey. For those businesses still in operation, high levels of productivity are essential to increase output in a…

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Say Goodbye to Your Eyebrow Tattoos Business Health & Fitness 

Say Goodbye to Your Eyebrow Tattoos

Why Laser Tattoo Removal Could Be Right For You Eyebrow tattoos seem like a great idea, but they can date incredibly quickly. So what happens when you’ve grown tired of yours? Tired of your eyebrow tattoos? You certainly aren’t alone, as lots and lots of people end up pursuing removal treatment in the years following their decision. Here’s why it could be right for you, and where you can find the very best eyebrow tattoo removal London has to offer. A common tattoo Eyebrow tattoos are one of the most…

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How Have Dentists Adapted Since Lockdown? Health & Fitness 

How Have Dentists Adapted Since Lockdown?

Alleviating Patient Fears About Seeking Treatment Dental practices are open with high standards of health and safety, but some patients are nervous to attend. Dentists across the nation have been allowed to reopen their doors since 8th June, although not all practices were ready to at this point. Since then, they have been restricted by health and safety regulations, such as the volume of patients they’re allowed to see. These strict measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the public are known…

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