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5 New Year Resolutions You Can Achieve Blog 

5 New Year Resolutions You Can Achieve

Think SMART with Your 2019 Resolutions

If you are tired of making promises to yourself that you can’t keep, perhaps this year’s first resolution should be to rethink your approach to resolutions.

Before we know it, the New Year will be here, and with it, we will usher in commitments to become better people. We’ve all been there with the new year resolutions, making promises to ourselves and our loved ones that we know are unlikely to make it beyond the 24 hour mark.

One of the reasons we set ourselves up to fail is that the resolutions themselves are expressed in such vague terms. I will lose weight is fine conceptually, but how will you do it, how much will you lose, and in what timescale? Businesses use the concept of SMART goals when setting objectives. The mnemonic stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. Perhaps if we start taking the same approach with our resolutions, we will stand a better chance of success. Here are five examples of how that could work.

Losing weight

It’s the most popular resolution of them all, and fits perfectly with the SMART philosophy. If you make a commitment to, for example, lose ten kilograms in six months using a combination of gastric band hypnotherapy, attending diet classes and joining a gym,  you have a resolution that can be kept, and also that you can accurately track in order to monitor success.

Staying hydrated

Almost all of us fail dismally when it comes to drinking the right amount of water. Once again, it is easy to say “I will drink more water” but what does that mean? More than you did yesterday? More than your grandmother drinks? It fails the SMART test on every level. Compare that with the following resolution: I will drink a pint of water every morning before I do anything else. It’s specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. OK so a pint in the morning does not guarantee all-day hydration, but it will certainly get your day off to the right start.

No more snoozing

Speaking of getting off to the right start, if you feel half asleep all morning, then making a simple commitment to boycott the snooze button could make a big difference to your life. Waking then sleeping for another ten minutes disrupts your brain’s natural waking mechanisms, and you’ll be astonished as the results that such a simple resolution could bring about.

Getting fit

It’s right up there with losing weight, and is another resolution that is easy to make in such vague terms that nothing will ever come of it. It all comes down to scheduling. Whether it is going for a run, hitting the gym or simply taking a walk around the block, the biggest question to answer is when. Some find first thing in the morning, or second after that pint of water, is the best time. It will certainly make you alert and ready to face the day ahead.

Sleep better

The world is becoming sleep deprived, and the truth is that technology has a lot to answer for. Staring at a screen before bed only serves to wake the brain up, so make a resolution to switch off all electronics at a set time. Use your imagination, there are definitely better things to do last thing at night than staring at the TV or your phone!

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