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Get Proof That Your Ex Is Harassing You Blog 

Get Proof That Your Ex Is Harassing You

Nobody Has to Put Up with Harassment

When a relationship breaks down, the consequences can be unexpected and alarming. But there is action you can take to stop harassment

All good things come to an end, but when it comes to relationships, the aftermath can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Harassment from ex partners is more common than you might think, and affects people of both sexes.

In the modern era, we are far better at talking about our problems and bringing them into the open, but this is one topic that still tends to remain behind closed doors. We might think we live in an enlightened age, but men in particular find it difficult to seek help when they are experiencing harassment.

There is help at hand, whether you need to trace a UK mobile number to gather evidence, change your personal contact details or initiate legal proceedings. Here, we find out more.

Gathering the evidence

Harassment can be seen as a subjective topic, but it is really very simple. If your ex is contacting you in a way or with a regularity that is making you uncomfortable, and refuses to stop, then you are being harassed. Knowing it is one thing, but to get help, you will need to prove it.

Harassment often takes place online these days, and in some respects, that makes it easier to prove. Retain all texts, instant messages, emails and so on – on some instant chat platforms that is not always easy, as messages are not automatically saved, so learn how to take screenshots on your PC or smartphone.

If the harassment is in the form of telephone calls, that can be more difficult to prove – itemised phone records might help, but not if it is an unlisted mobile number that you don’t recognise. This is where specialist investigators can be worth their weight in gold. They have access to databases that allow them to trace names and addresses for almost any mobile number – even the “throwaway” pay as you go ones.

If you go down this route, always use an investigator that is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and registered with the relevant authorities, as only they will have full and legitimate access to the necessary databases.

Changing your details

It is sometimes tempting to change your personal details to get away from your tormentor. There are two downsides to this. One is that you can change your phone numbers, your social media accounts, you email – some people even move house! But unless you are going to spend the rest of your life in hiding, you will be easy to track down and it will all start again.

The second point is that changing all these things is time consuming and inconvenient. Why should you do it when you’ve done nothing wrong? It’s better to get it stopped for good.

Legal help

If you are worried about your personal safety, you should call the police immediately. They have a variety of powers when it comes to harassment, ranging from a “quiet word” to formal warnings to arrest. The problem is that troublesome phone calls and emails will not be seen as high priority, so it is highly probable that they will take little or no action. In this case, you might need to contact a solicitor, who can send warning letters and help you apply for a court order to bring the harassment to a permanent end.

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