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How Much Does It Cost to Scrap Your Car? Blog 

How Much Does It Cost to Scrap Your Car?

What to do When Your Old Car Reaches the End of the Road

Today, vehicle disposal is highly regulated. Do you know what to do, where to go and what it might cost to scrap your car? The answer might surprise you.

Today, we have to be very careful about what we throw away and how we do so. Most of us have four or five different recyling bins for plastic, paper, metal and so on. If we have larger items to get rid of, such as an old fridge or washing machine, it is a case of either hefting it into the back of the car and taking it to the local tip, or phoning the council and getting them to come and collect it – at a price, of course.

So what if you have a car that has reached the end of the road? Whether it is through accidental damage, something expensive breaking or just that classic catch-all of the years finally catching up with it, it is sure to happen sooner or later.

Of course, vehicles contain metal, plastic plus corrosive substances, petrochemicals and all sorts of other unpleasant things, so you might think that car disposal is going to be a real headache. If the council will charge £20 or more to collect an old bike, what on earth is it going to cost to get a whole car taken away? The answer might come as a pleasant surprise.

Scrap is worth money

Around two million cars are scrapped every year, and in these days of recycling, 95 percent of a car is recycled. If you have grown sentimentally attached to your wheels, as many of us do, it is comforting to know that it will live on in this way. It also means that the rusting eyesore on your driveway is not without value, and if you contact a professional company, they won’t just get rid of it for you, you will actually get some money back!

Dealing with the paperwork

The DVLA takes far more interest in what happens to cars, even if they are no longer on the road, than it used to. If you scrap your car, they need to be informed, or else as the last registered keeper, you will still be officially seen as responsible for it.

If you take a look at the V5C registration document, you will see a section relating to the scrapping or destruction of a car. Make sure you complete this, and send it off, so that the DVLA can issue a Certificate of Destruction.

If that sounds like a lot of hassle, this is another benefit of using a professional scrapping company. They will contact the DVLA for you and obtain the necessary Certificate of Destruction, making the whole process pain-free.

Cash is not king

In days gone by, you might have limped with your old car on its last journey to an out of the way scrap yard and exchanged it for a few crumpled ten pound notes. Those days are gone – in fact, the Scrap Metal Dealer’s Act (2013) makes it illegal for traders to buy scrap cars for cash. Be very suspicious of anyone offering to do so – a reputable dealer will pay by bank transfer, and will clear the funds into your account before they collect the car.

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