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When Selling a Car, First Impressions Count Blog 

When Selling a Car, First Impressions Count

Take Care of the Details to Make a Quick Sale at the Best Price

Selling a car is as much about the presentation as the technical details. An afternoon of effort can pay big dividends in selling your car effectively.

After a house, a car is the most expensive thing we are ever likely to buy or sell. But while there are experts in the shape of estate agents and conveyancing solicitors to help us every step of the way with houses, we can sometimes feel we are out on our own when it comes to selling a car.

It is one thing to look in the price guides and work out an appropriate selling price, but the chances are, yours will be one of a hundred cars of the same make, model and mileage on the market. Small details in the way you present it, from giving it a full valet to using touch up paint on those little battle scars can make it stand out above the rest.

Clean and tidy

The simplest thing, but something that many sellers do not get around to doing properly. Even if you are still using the car while it is on the market, treat it to a deep clean, and then it is easy to give it a quick wipe over before anyone comes to view.

Pay particular attention to the interior. If the cup holders and door pockets have sweet wrappers and debris in them, it just makes the car look unloved. Look at it this way – if you spend two hours cleaning the car and it adds just £100 to its value, that’s £50 an hour for your efforts!

An air freshener adds the finishing touch, and is a particularly sensible move if you have been in the habit of eating, drinking and smoking in the car. Refrain from all three now that it is on the market, and don’t start filling it with junk again!

Repair light damage

Cars accumulate small battle scars in day to day use. Those little scuffs on the bumpers and door edges are enough to make buyers walk away, or at least give them a reason to argue the price down. They are easier to remove than you might think, with a well-matched can of top up paint and a little time and patience.

Also, check for things like stone chips in the screen – they can usually be repaired under your insurance policy and not cost you a penny, so why not?

If you have alloy wheels, the chances are they’ve acquired a few nicks along the way. Consider getting these professionally repaired if they are too noticeable.

Remember the basics

Go around the car and check all the basics that your Dad taught you all those years ago. Car buyers always stick their heads under the bonnet, and although nine out of ten don’t have any idea what they are looking at, most will pull out the dipstick for want of anything else to do – if the engine is almost devoid of oil, it will send them packing! Also check the coolant, screen wash and brake fluid are topped up, and go around all the tyres, including the spare, to check they are at the correct pressures.

It doesn’t take long give your car a little TLC that will increase its saleability and hopefully get you a better price.

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