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Enhance SME Productivity Using Microsoft PowerApps Business 

Enhance SME Productivity Using Microsoft PowerApps

Small Businesses Can Benefit From Easy App Creation

Automation is at the heart of enhanced productivity for small businesses. Check out Power Apps to simplify internal processes.  

The business impact of Covid-19 has been severe, as many global countries are still struggling to control the pandemic. From remote working, to wearing facemasks, and unfortunately redundancies too, the virus will cost the UK SME industry £69 billion according to the Simply Business survey. For those businesses still in operation, high levels of productivity are essential to increase output in a cost-effective way. One way in which small businesses can enhance internal efficiency is to rely on Microsoft Power Apps.

Introducing Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite of services that allows you to create custom apps to match your business needs. The software has been created with ease of use in mind – this means that everyone from professional developers to inhouse employees with zero coding experience can benefit from using the suite.

Automating Processes

One of the top ways that Power Apps can improve your productivity levels, is by automating those time-consuming internal processes that weigh down your team members. If too much time and resources are taken up by tasks such as onboarding employees, handling payroll or processing approvals, you can design simple apps to make these functions far simpler. This will free up time and energy for you to spend on other areas of your business.

Reduce Manual Input

With these tasks, the key is to reduce the amount of manual interaction required. Push notifications are an essential tool which send important information out to the devices of clients or colleagues, without the need for you to manually get in touch with each individual. The reporting of events or problems within the app is also integrated, which makes it easy to pick up on any issues, even when your teams are in separate locations.

Data Integration

Instead of checking and cross-checking a variety of datasets as part of the same task, Power Apps can easily integrate with over 200 different data sources. Whether you need to import or export information to Sharepoint, Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce or social media, you’ll find your app cuts down radically on the amount of different programs you need to access manually to complete your job.

Security Permissions

As with other types of Microsoft packages, Power Apps includes the ability to assign security privileges to users depending on their role within your small business. The interaction of each individual within the company can easily be monitored by putting users in security groups. These may also be dependent on whether they’re accessing your business app internally or remotely. It’s worth knowing that every app you create through Power Apps will automatically be GDPR compliant, as it’s built on Microsoft’s Common Data Service. Therefore, this reduces the amount of effort that your compliance teams will need to spend ensuring that your app development ticks all the regulation boxes.

The financial impact of Covid on small businesses has been enormous. However, there’s every reason to be hopeful about the future as confidence rises now that we’ve emerged from lockdown. If you’re ready to boost productivity and streamline your operations, then Power Apps is a great place to start.


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