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How to Attract Passing Trade Business 

How to Attract Passing Trade

4 easy ways to get your business noticed

From enticing window displays to eye-catching promotional banners, there are some easy and effective ways to attract passing trade and win new business.

If you’re a business with a physical store or other customer-facing premises, attracting passing trade is vital if you want to increase sales and grow your business. This is easier for some companies than others, and often depends on the location of the shop and nature of the business. But even if your business is located in an area with relatively high footfall, you will still need to make an effort to attract people’s attention and entice them inside.

Professional signage

In order for people to become customers of your business, they first need to know that you are there, so shop front signage that prominently displays your company name is a must. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so, if you want to give customers confidence in your products and services, it’s worth getting your signage professionally designed and printed. If you’re located on a shopping high street you’ll be competing with lots of other shops for custom, so go for a big, bold design that showcases your brand and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

An attractive window

Your shop window can play a big part in tempting customers to enter your store. It offers potential customers a sneak preview of your goods, so make sure they like what they see by creating an attractive, eye-catching window display that attracts attention. This is also a great place to feature any impulse buys or special offers that you have available, as these can help to draw people inside (where you can sell them even more items!). Keep things fresh by changing your window display on a regular basis.

Pavement signs

Another tried and tested method for getting your business noticed is the good old-fashioned pavement sign or sandwich board. With a choice of A Boards, swinging signs and chalkboards, this type of signage offers a versatile and effective way to advertise your business to passing trade. Use it to tell people about a sale or promotion, or simply to let people know that you’re there. You can also move your sign around to target particular areas or groups of people. For best results, go for big, bright and colourful signs that really stand out.

Promotional banner

All these strategies can be really effective for attracting pedestrians on a busy high street, but if you’re in an out of town area with lower footfall or want to attract the attention of passing motorists, you may need to take a different tack. In these instances, a large promotional banner can offer the ideal solution. PVC banners can really help to promote your company, offering a glossy professional result that reflects positively on your brand and, with a durable, long-lasting finish, they’re perfect for outdoor use. Go simple with just your company name and logo or use it to promote a flash sale or other special offer.

However, you choose to attract passing customers into your store, it’s vital that they receive a great shopping experience once they’re inside. By paying attention to the overall customer journey and providing an excellent level of service you can turn a one-off impulse visitor into a loyal, repeat customer for your company.

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