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New Google Marketing Agency Delivers More Business in Essex Business 

New Google Marketing Agency Delivers More Business in Essex

Get Immediate Local Leads For Your Essex-Based Website

Need targeted local traffic for your new SME or Essex-based charity? PPC marketing allows relevant visitors to interact with your ad and produce excellent leads.

Hot Leads Daily is putting local Essex businesses on the map using pay-per-click advertising to drive targeted traffic over from Google. If you’re an Essex business owner who is looking to receive more web traffic to convert into leads or sales, then PPC can be an incredibly effective solution when you’re in the hands of a professional agency. Instead of using the same approach for all clients, Hot Leads PPC Agency in Essex will get to know the unique needs of your business and use a series of testing strategies to ensure that the right ad is placed in front of the right audience at the right time!

Who Can Benefit From PPC?

Any business owner can benefit from a well-considered pay-per-click marketing campaign, but it provides particularly impressive results for new or small local businesses who perhaps haven’t had the time to adopt a long-term organic SEO strategy yet.

For new SMEs, PPC is a fantastic way to establish immediate brand recognition and get your name out there to local Essex consumers. Part of the appeal of pay-per-click is the ability to specify the region that you want your ad to be displayed in. So, for example, if you own a local bricks-and-mortar beauty salon in Brentwood, then you’ll likely not benefit from having your ad shown to half of Yorkshire. PPC narrows down your niche market, including other criteria such as age, gender, household income and parental status.

Google states that 3 out of 4 shoppers who find local information helpful in search results are more likely to visit the corresponding local stores.

Cost-Effective Approach To Marketing

The costs associated with PPC can be misleading, because the idea of paying every time someone clicks on your ad sounds expensive. But actually, it’s incredibly cost-effective in comparison to other forms of traditional advertising such as print, radio or TV, because you’re paying only when someone from your specific target market chooses to interact with your ad. SMEs can also set a daily budget for their PPC campaign – the money for each ad click will be subtracted from that total until the amount hits zero. Your campaign will then be paused until the following day that you’ve chosen your ads to be displayed – you might skip certain days of the week for instance.

With clever trial and error testing of your ad strategies, you also have measurable ROI data to work with. You’ll learn what your audience likes about your ad, and at what point they decided not to stick with you, in addition to where they went after they’d exited your site.

Essex Charities Can Benefit

It’s not just local for-profit businesses that can benefit. Essex-based registered charities also have much to gain from PPC. Thanks to the Google Grant scheme, those with a current and valid charity status can spend as much as $10,000-worth per month in PPC advertising credits promoting their campaign for free.

If you need to put your local business or charity on the map, then PPC will help to deliver immediate results for you. Trust in Hot Leads Daily and you can have site visitors hitting your pages as soon as you’re ready for them!

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