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Our Must-Have Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal Business Parties Services 

Our Must-Have Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

The Bride And Groom Looking And Feeling Their Best

From engagement photos to the wedding reception, be inspired by these wedding pic ideas to create some truly special memories.

After months of preparation, your wedding day will whizz by in a flash. To help you remember everything about your special day, from the big ‘I do’ moment to the smaller details, wedding photos are key and are a beautiful keepsake to enjoy with your children and grandchildren in the years to come. But not all wedding photo shoots are created equal – some photographers tend to go for a more formal style, whereas others verge on cheesy. When choosing a professional photographer, you’ll want to feel inspired by their wedding photo ideas – here are some to discuss before the big day.

Engagement Photos

Long before your wedding day arrives, a wonderful way to celebrate taking the next step as a couple, is to book an engagement photo shoot. You might use the pictures as part of your wedding invitation, or simply to display proudly in your home as an exciting reminder of your upcoming nuptials. Engagement photoshoots are all about romance, intimacy and celebrating you as a couple. Beautiful shots can be taken in the simplest outdoor settings, from holding hands during a woodland walk, to enjoying a picnic together in the park.

Photo Booth Ideas

Photo booths allow your guests to have a little control over how they want to be remembered. They’re a particularly fun way to document how the reception celebrations unfold as champagne corks are popped and your friends and family let their hair down! A fantastic idea is to include speech bubble wipe boards inside of your photo booth – your guests can scribble their own messages to be featured alongside their pics.

Destination Weddings

Along with the guarantee of better weather, destination weddings provide a beautiful beach setting for the happy couple. Photographers will love the natural light and can even play with a bit of lens flare to add something special to your photos. The beach is also the perfect setting for a trendy ‘trash the dress’ shoot following the wedding.

Voyeur Shot

It can be challenging to get some brides and grooms to relax during a wedding day shoot. The pressure of the big day can get to some, and they may appear a little stiff in some of the photos. A great way to capture the magic between them is to take a step back and fade into the background – allowing the happy couple to chat, hold hands and kiss, whilst the photographer remains at a distance, taking shots from afar with a long lens tucked into the natural surroundings of the venue.

Informal Bridal Party

When it comes to taking memorable wedding photos, you’ll need to enlist the nearest and dearest of the happy couple to help create some fun shots. Whether it’s a photo of the bridesmaids doing the can-can, or the groomsmen doing the floss, the light mood and laughter will shine through your photos and add some sparkle to your photo collection.

Along with videography, your wedding photos will be your strongest link back to your wedding day in years to come. Be sure to work with a wedding photographer Essex professional who understands your creative vision and can help you create those memories to last a lifetime.

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