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When Work Becomes Fun Business 

When Work Becomes Fun

Invest Some Fun Into The Workplace With Team Building Activities

Work environment in the doldrums? Then check out how a range of fun team building activities to boost morale, improve relationships and increase productivity.

All work and no play… It may be an old and clichéd saying, but it’s true. The workplace environment can be stressful and frenetic or even downright dull and monotonous. Either way, if staff are unhappy at work, it can have a negative effect on productivity levels. Two of the most common problems in the workplace are poor communication and tensions in staff relationships.

One of the most effective methods of improving staff morale is to shift the focus to enjoyment rather than work, work, work.

Team building activities are a fun way of breaking up the monotony of work, while helping to improve communication and boost morale. Here’s how:


Team building is a great way for new employees to get to know each other better and for established employees to improve in-house relationships in an informal setting. It can also help shy types come out of their shell.

By learning to communicate and work together as a team in an informal environment, staff can then apply the same principals to the workplace.

Team building creates positive energy, encourages creativity and by completing activities, staff feel a sense of involvement and achievement.

Here are just a few example of successful and popular team building events:

Team From Above

Why not use your employees to literally promote your company and your brand? Using diverse colours and props, staff are grouped together in formations to create a design or logo that represents your company. The formation is then photographed from above – thus, Team From Above. This is a brilliant way of involving every member of the workforce so that everyone feels they count and it’s a great way to boost morale.

The resulting photo or video can then be used as a marketing material on your website and social media channels or even to mark the release of a new product or service. Why not finish off the event with champagne and canapés or an informal BBQ?

iPad Filming

If you want an in-house activity without leaving the office, iPad filming is a great way of encouraging team work and creativity and even creating a custom video for your website! Using iPads and editing software, teams get to direct, present, edit and even act. Film production is a fun way to get creative, brainstorm and work on ideas as a team as well as encouraging staff to focus on the company’s objectives and image.

Bake That

The success of The Great British Bake Off is the inspiration behind this culinary team building activity. Each team is assigned a working station, then under the guidance of expert chefs, they’ll have 3 challenges to complete.

Cooking creates a pleasant environment while also giving team members a sense of achievement. It’s a great way of encouraging healthy competitiveness while also helping to get more timid employees involved and interested. Teams can either compete against each other or work together. They can then enjoy their delicious creations at the end of the event.

For more information on our range of team building events, contact Zing Events today.

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