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Why Are Accountants in So Much Demand In 2018? Business 

Why Are Accountants in So Much Demand In 2018?

Jobs in accountancy are increasing across the UK, with business currently having to use contractors or outsourcing to meet their needs.

Accountancy has been busy over the first quarter of 2018 with firms looking to add to their headcount across audit, advisory and tax. There are vacancies popping up across the UK with a continued focus on building regional centres in locations such as Birmingham, Reading and Bristol.

A significant number of roles exist at newly qualified level as candidates consider their options both internally and externally. The job market across the UK remains appealing for professionally trained candidates who have choice across the commercial sector, financial services and other industries.

Looking ahead

Recruitment can be tough, especially for accountants Essex, but the competition remains fierce and firms are having no problems with winning audits, but at times they remain understaffed within the field.

Newly qualified accountants in need

Newly qualified accountants in tax and audit are in high demand, and this year accounting firms seem to be looking for six months ahead with regards to recruitment. Typically conditional offers are issued after a successful interview, and this will be based on successful competition of exams or time being signed off.

Outsourcing is on the rise

Outsourcing continues to grow, with a noticeable increase in the number of jobs registered during the first quarter. This indicates that these roles were completed in house, but with growing players in this sector this is being completed externally by an accountancy firm, which means there is a spike in the number of these roles and the skillset becoming desirable.

Software expertise in demand

On the software side, the continuing rise in popularity of cloud computing tools means that those who are highly skilled in any areas of this software will find themselves in high demand. Knowledge of Xero, Quickbooks and Sage Business Cloud will put any general practice candidate at an advantage.

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