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Why You Should Invest In ISO Business Finance 

Why You Should Invest In ISO

Companies Demonstrate Commitment To The Environment

ISO 14001 certification is now widely adopted in business as a standard to showcase corporate commitment to the environment.

Does your business care about the environment? Corporate social responsibility is an important buzz term in the business world, which encourages companies to be held accountable to its stakeholders, employees and the public for their social and environmental impact. With 94% of Generation Z believing that companies need to address critical social issues, and 55% willing to pay extra for products or services from companies with a dedicated social impact plan, clearly businesses that hold such values are able to enjoy better relationships with both customers and suppliers. One of the best ways for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, is to invest in ISO 14001. Let’s take a look at this key environmental management system.

What Is ISO 14001?

This global certification is available for companies in a wide range of industries and from all over the world, to meet a set of stringent guidelines which have been created to help businesses signal their commitment to the environment. By changing their operations and improving processes, companies will be able to gain a better understanding of their own environmental impact, whilst learning to control and minimise that impact in both the immediate and long term.

The goal of ISO 14001 is to be an ongoing framework which assists businesses in reducing waste, cutting costs and decreasing damage to the environment.

Reducing Waste

Companies need to turn a profit though, so if you’re concerned about the feasibility of ISO 14001 certification for your organisation, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are many benefits. With an emphasis on reducing waste, a company who meets ISO 14001 requirements will be able to save money on utility bills and cut back on waste streams.

Better Company Image

There’s also an opportunity to widen your operational base and work with larger organisations such as government bodies who will only deal with companies that have ISO 14001 already in place. In fact, the value that this certification holds also helps to promote your corporate image with both existing customers as well as attracting potential new ones.

Satisfy Business Compliance

All businesses need to satisfy various regulations to keep their compliance officers happy, and ISO 14001 makes it simple to tick that box when it comes to environmental legislation. By taking steps to improve internal policies to decrease your output of corporate waste, you’ll be able to reduce environmental liability and protect your company as a result.

Educating Employees

ISO 14001 provides a strong message, not just to the public, but also to the employees you have working for you. By adhering to its regulations, you can take the opportunity to educate your employees about environmental responsibility, and holding this corporate value will also help to retain staff. Countless studies prove that millennials want to work for companies with a strong environmental agenda and are even willing to take a paycut to do so. Therefore, if you’re looking to attract the best talent, investing in ISO 14001 is a fantastic way to showcase your commitment to this cause.

If your business has yet to sign up for ISO 14001, it’s easy to get started. By working with professional consultants, they’ll be able to create an environmental management system (EMS) to help you identify any areas where your operations don’t yet meet the requirements of the certification standard. A plan will be made to get your policies up to speed, following which you will be visited by an external assessment body to be audited. With widespread adoption of ISO 14001, it’s important that your organisation demonstrates a dedication to the environment – so why not get started today?

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