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How To Start Your Modelling Career Careers 

How To Start Your Modelling Career

The Hard Work Starts Now!

Becoming a model takes a lot of work, but it really is a career that’s worth everything you put into it.

There are few careers out there that are as enticing as modelling. Why would there be? Being a model is not only one of the most fun careers out there, but no two jobs are the same. One day you could be at home on a short assignment, the next whisked away on a private jet to spend a few days in a far flung exotic location. It’s no surprise then, that a huge number of young women want to become a model. How then, do you take your raw potential and turn it into something that’s good enough to help you get a good start in the industry?

Looking your best

The first thing that you need to do is invest time and money into your looks. There’s no doubt that a model has to rely on her appearance to succeed, and just being naturally pretty won’t be enough. You’ll need to put in the hours at the gym, eat well, make time for hair and beauty treatments and dress in clothes that make the most of your fabulous figure. If you do all of that, you’ll have much more chance of landing work.

Acting the part

Working on your confidence is a must too. We’ve already spoken about no job being the same in modelling, and that can be as challenging as it is exciting. So you need to be prepared for any situation, and need to be good at thinking on your feet. The best models are the ones who can use  their looks and personalities to break the ice on a job, such as a party or a promotional event. Confidence in yourself is essential, but so is inspiring some in others.

The right kind of shots

Putting together a good portfolio will help you to get ahead as well. Include as many different kinds of shots as you can, so that you’re appealing to as many clients and agencies as possible. If you work with an experienced photographer, they’ll know what kind of pictures an aspiring model needs to get started. Cultivating a following on social media is a great idea too, and it’s how many models get started. Post a few sultry selfies on Instagram, and don’t forget to interact with your newfound admirers.

Finding a great agency

Last but not least, sign up with the right agency to get the best possible work. Many clients will only hire models through an agency, as it guarantees them certain standards and they can cherry-pick their models from a selection of carefully chosen girls. Working through an agency will hugely benefit you too. If you’re just starting out, you can be vulnerable to taking up jobs that aren’t all they seem. With an agency, you’ll only be sent out on assignments for clients that have been vetted and verified.

A whole new life awaits!

Only time will tell if you make it to the top, but by following the above advice you’ve got the best possible chance. If you do make it as model, remember, the hard work never stops! There’s no time to rest on your laurels, as someone will quickly take your place. What there is time to do though, is enjoy all that you’re achieved, and look forward to everything that is to come.

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