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Concrete Formworkers: What They Do? Business 

Concrete Formworkers: What They Do?

Formwork is used in the concreting phase of all sizes of construction projects. These projects can range from small private residential builds through to large commercial and industrial constructions including buildings as large as shopping centres and sports stadiums. Formwork refers to the name given for the moulds which are used to house freshly poured concrete. The concrete is poured within the moulds and left to harden, then once hardened the moulds or formwork can be removed leaving in situ the structure of the building in the form of walls,…

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The Importance of Resource Management in the Workplace Business 

The Importance of Resource Management in the Workplace

Every business is under pressure to do more with less. Profitability and growth are not just a matter of selling more and increasing turnover – you need to keep on top of efficiency and productivity, too. Indeed, the world of business is littered with tales of businesses which wastefully threw resources at increasing turnover, only to fatally undermine profitability. This is what makes resource management an important discipline in the modern workplace. Specifically, it is a sub-discipline of project management focused on the optimisation of resources. These resources might be…

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Why Health and Safety is Crucial in Contracting Business Services 

Why Health and Safety is Crucial in Contracting

Since the introduction of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 considering and implementing safe working practices has become a legal and mandatory requirement for all employers. Every business from a florist to a manufacturing plant must consider all the risks associated with any of the tasks their employees perform and aim to minimise or eradicate any potential risk of injury. However, within the construction industry any potential risks associated with employee activities are magnified. This is due to the nature of work, the environment, equipment used and the…

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New Google Marketing Agency Delivers More Business in Essex Business 

New Google Marketing Agency Delivers More Business in Essex

Get Immediate Local Leads For Your Essex-Based Website Need targeted local traffic for your new SME or Essex-based charity? PPC marketing allows relevant visitors to interact with your ad and produce excellent leads. Hot Leads Daily is putting local Essex businesses on the map using pay-per-click advertising to drive targeted traffic over from Google. If you’re an Essex business owner who is looking to receive more web traffic to convert into leads or sales, then PPC can be an incredibly effective solution when you’re in the hands of a professional…

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How to Attract Passing Trade Business 

How to Attract Passing Trade

4 easy ways to get your business noticed From enticing window displays to eye-catching promotional banners, there are some easy and effective ways to attract passing trade and win new business. If you’re a business with a physical store or other customer-facing premises, attracting passing trade is vital if you want to increase sales and grow your business. This is easier for some companies than others, and often depends on the location of the shop and nature of the business. But even if your business is located in an area…

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Why Are Accountants in So Much Demand In 2018? Business 

Why Are Accountants in So Much Demand In 2018?

Jobs in accountancy are increasing across the UK, with business currently having to use contractors or outsourcing to meet their needs. Accountancy has been busy over the first quarter of 2018 with firms looking to add to their headcount across audit, advisory and tax. There are vacancies popping up across the UK with a continued focus on building regional centres in locations such as Birmingham, Reading and Bristol.

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Could The Cool-Chain Ever Be Replaced? Business 

Could The Cool-Chain Ever Be Replaced?

The Essex logistics company, Kuehl Speed, talk about the challenges of transporting perishable goods Transporting temperature-controlled goods is full of challenges but the cool chain helps ensure that products reach their destination in optimum condition. Transporting perishable items such as fresh produce, seafood, frozen food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals can be somewhat of a logistical nightmare. In order to arrive at their destination in the best possible condition, these items need to be kept at a low temperature throughout the logistics process, and any fluctuations in temperature could lead to the…

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