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Health and Safety In The Workplace – Why It’s Important Business Health & Fitness 

Health and Safety In The Workplace – Why It’s Important

Keeping staff and visitors safe in and around your business premises In a nutshell, health and Safety (H&S) is important since it protects the wellbeing of staff and other personnel engaged in working activities on the premises such as contractors and visitors including customers. Poor H&S standards can create danger to people on the premises, cause the company to be prosecuted, cost money and tarnish the business’s reputation. What is Health and Safety? It’s worth defining the two terms: Health – the general wellbeing of people on the company premises…

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Dermal Fillers: What Are They and How Do They Work? Health & Fitness 

Dermal Fillers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Defy The Aging Process With This Safe Cosmetic Treatment The loss of collagen can be counteracted with a dermal filler injection to add plumpness to your complexion once again. New research has revealed that women age three times as fast as men after the age of 50, the average age at which menopause begins. The end of a woman’s reproductive years causes oestrogen levels to diminish, which in turn reduces the amount of skin-plumping collagen to be produced. Without this crucial protein, the skin quickly loses its elasticity and women…

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Gastric Health & Fitness 


Dieters Use Hypnotherapy To Create Lasting, Positive Changes Instead of undergoing risky bariatric surgery, dieters can opt for hypnotherapy sessions to help change unhelpful habits related to food consumption. The UK is experiencing an obesity crisis that could bankrupt the NHS if people are unable to maintain a healthy weight. Rather than committing to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, gastric bands, or bariatric surgery has become the go-to option for obese individuals. The idea is that during surgery, a band is fitted around your stomach. When you eat, the…

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What Do They Do in A Full Body Massage? Health & Fitness 

What Do They Do in A Full Body Massage?

A full body massage is an incredible creative human skill performed manually for health and psychological benefits. Trying to keep up with the tight schedule, you may tend to give less time to look after yourself. Sound like you? If you’re interested in a massage in Chelmsford, keep reading! A full body massage is one way of giving attention to your body, by relaxing and letting go of all your stresses which may help you with your daily active lifestyles. A full body massage feels more relaxing than what you…

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