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Estate Agents: Why You Need One When Selling a Property Home & Garden Living in Essex 

Estate Agents: Why You Need One When Selling a Property

Let a property professional guide you through the selling maze With the widespread use of the Internet to promote houses and the plethora of TV programmes about property, you may be tempted to have a go at selling your property yourself to save money on estate agent’s commission fees. Before you take the plunge and try some DIY property selling it’s important to think carefully; what you might save on an estate agent’s fees could easily be more than swallowed up by unexpected costs of selling privately and maybe not…

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Preparing Your Site For Burglar Alarm Installation Home & Garden Living in Essex 

Preparing Your Site For Burglar Alarm Installation

Whether you manage the security for your employer, own a commercial business or a residential property one of the best ways to secure your site is with the installation of a burglar alarm system. Your property, stock, machinery, resources, tools and equipment are some of your most valuable assets which you can’t afford to leave as easy prey for vandals and burglars. And with burglaries in the South East of England reaching an all-time high in 2018; it is more pertinent than ever to consider burglar alarms Essex as your…

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5 Best Places to Live in Essex Living in Essex 

5 Best Places to Live in Essex

From City Living to Small Town Tranquillity, Essex Has it All Whether you want to escape from the rest of the world or be in a cosmopolitan city, you can find what you need in Essex. Essex is a county of contradictions. Its proximity to the capital makes it prime commuter belt country, and the areas close to the M25 have a distinctly London vibe. Yet just a few miles to the north, the rolling landscapes around Constable Country could not provide more of a contrast. If you are planning…

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The Best Remote Essex Communities Living in Essex 

The Best Remote Essex Communities

Essex is Not All About TOWIE and Bas Vegas Despite its close proximity to the capital, Essex has its fair share of hidden gems off the beaten track that are still a practical option for commuters.   For those who need to commute into London for work, the idea of living in a remote community away from all the hustle and bustle sometimes seems like an impossible dream. However, the county of Essex is full of magical spots with their very own community spirit, history and character. Best of all,…

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Is Grays The Latest Essex Property Hotspot? Living in Essex 

Is Grays The Latest Essex Property Hotspot?

Why You Should Check Out The Thurrock Town Of Grays Looking for an up-and-coming Essex commuter town? Grays is about to have it all. Find out about the extensive overhaul that this Thurrock town is due to experience. The London property market is constantly under scrutiny, and even with prices falling for the first time in eight years, many are still finding it impossible to get on the ladder in the capital. The average house price in the city now stands at £471,761 according to the latest data collected by…

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