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How to Throw the Best New Year’s Party Events 

How to Throw the Best New Year’s Party

Do you love going to New Year’s Eve parties each year to celebrate with friends and family, but fancy hosting your own one this year, this guide will help you plan the party of the year.

Here are some tips and ideas that your friends and family will love!


Host a themed party

Formal parties usually mean you have to buy a new outfit and new shoes for the sake of one evening, so why not have a theme dress night to save your guests some money? Tell your guests to come in pyjamas, an ugly shirt or a thrifty outfit – that way, you and your friends don’t need to bust their budget on a new fancy outfit! After all, you can have just as much fun in your pyjamas as you can in an evening gown!

Create a playlist

It is easier than ever to put together an eclectic mix of tunes for any occasion with the various streaming services now available to us. If you’re hosting a big party however and don’t want the pressure of organising a whole night’s worth of music, why not look for party djs Hertfordshire to help your night go off with a bang? Specialist DJs will put together the perfect mixture of dance songs and classics, guaranteed to keep your guests entertained!

Drink smart

One of the most expensive purchases for New Year’s Eve parties is usually the booze. It’s easy to spend hundreds of pounds on alcohol for your guests to make sure they enjoy themselves, but there are much cheaper alternatives. You could ask guests to bring their own bottles, or keep the drink menu simple by offering just beer and wine. Stick to the basics when it comes to spirits, choose drinks like vodka, rum and gin which you can mix with different juices.

Party games

Planning new year’s party games is dependent on your range of guests attending, but there are lots of games aimed at families or more adult games. Play a round of new year’s eve themed charades, or perhaps the ultimate champagne race, guaranteed to keep guests entertained all evening!

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