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Yes, You Can Have Your Own Bar! Events 

Yes, You Can Have Your Own Bar!

Throw a party with all drinks literally on tap with bar hire experts

The days of wrestling with kegs of beer, collecting boxes of hired glasses and trying to keep white wine cool in buckets of water are a thing of the past if you hire a professional mobile bar. Whether you need a simple bar for a smaller garden party, or you’re planning a major event for high volumes of visitors and offering a wide range of drinks from Pimms to Prosecco, expert help is available.

Mobile bars

Hospitality is big business these days, and an infrastructure of support services tailored to the client’s needs has sprung up over the years to help a raft of indoor and outdoor events of all sizes run as smoothly as possible.

From a private gathering such as a larger birthday party, or other family occasion, through to a large corporate event serving hundreds of attendees, it’s likely they’ll want something to drink. Organising the bar for even a smaller event can be a headache what with the logistics of transporting drink and glasses and judging how much to order; there’s nothing worse than running out of beer or wine – not to mention the hassles involved in cash handling if it’s a pay bar.

It’s far easier to hand off the logistics of providing a bar to a specialist company providing mobile bar services tailored to your specific requirements.

A range of options

From a basic bar left for you or another helper to man to a fully featured type with various dispensers, fridges, coolers and operated by experienced bar people – you can specify exactly what would be appropriate for your function.

Hiring equipment – you may just require some specialist bar equipment to augment your ‘DIY’ bar such as dispensers, coolers and chillers. Bar hire companies can often offer a range of equipment and come and install it onsite.

Hiring a bar – you could hire a bar including bar counters and all the equipment and staff it with your own people. Drinks and glasses could be part of the package or supplied by yourself.

A staffed bar – along with the bar hire you can also book trained bar staff; as above, it’s usually optional as to whether the company or you supply the drinks.

Payment facilities – various options are available from a straightforward pay bar to one where drink prices are subsidised or, once a pre-paid fixed amount is used up, customers pay.

Enhanced services

The size of the bar you require is usually flexible; from a single to a multiple bar counter type including several beer pumps, optics, ice, glasses and refrigerated trailers for larger events.

Some mobile bar companies work in conjunction with other complementary services such as marquee and gazebo hire companies. Therefore, it’s possible to create a full covered bar in one fell swoop rather than dealing with more than one company.

Licensing matters

Another key advantage of using mobile bar professionals is that they can advise on and organise licensing for you.

In some cases a TEN (Temporary Event Notice) is required from your local authority to undertake a ‘licensable activity’ on unlicensed premises. ‘Licensable activities’ include the provision of selling alcohol along with others such as providing entertainment and serving hot food between certain hours.

The TEN needs to be applied for a minimum of 21 days prior to the event.

Investigate the possibilities

The knowledge that all your bar requirements are being handled by professionals with the latest equipment is a major attraction of a mobile bar company. It could be well worth making contact with one to see how they can meet your requirements and what it would cost.

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