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What Do They Do in A Full Body Massage? Health & Fitness 

What Do They Do in A Full Body Massage?

A full body massage is an incredible creative human skill performed manually for health and psychological benefits. Trying to keep up with the tight schedule, you may tend to give less time to look after yourself. Sound like you? If you’re interested in a massage in Chelmsford, keep reading! A full body massage is one way of giving attention to your body, by relaxing and letting go of all your stresses which may help you with your daily active lifestyles.

A full body massage feels more relaxing than what you think feels good when you let your little one or a friend walk over your back (we’ve all done it 😄) while you have backache and that content feeling when you get a nice crack or feel the deep pressure over your tensed back and neck.

The purpose of full body massage is to boost good health and physical wellbeing! For some, to have their body massaged seems like an awkward situation where they think that there are certain fixed series of steps that every massage receiver must follow. But in actual fact, those series of steps are flexible and at your convenience. If you’re having a massage in Chelmsford at our clinic, the massage will be tailored to your needs and more time will be spent on your key areas, such as the back and neck for example.

These are a few things to consider in a full body massage:

The massage therapist

A massage therapist is the one who will massage your body. Your purpose of getting massage therapy may be for relief of body tension, for general wellbeing, for an ache or pain; whatever the reason, female and male therapists allow you to have the freedom of choice if you’re not comfortable with a male/female therapist.

Preparation time

You have time to discuss your needs with the therapist, giving you a clear understanding of what to expect in the treatment and time to prepare you on the massage table appropriately to access the areas required for treatment.

Respect your privacy

You may consider a notion that a full body massage means exposing your whole body and that every area will be touched. They do not massage your sensitive areas or any other part of your body for that matter where you don’t want it to be touched.

Genuine skin products are use

You may be allergic to certain ingredients in some products. All cremes are medical and genuine creams for the healthcare industry. The cream is used sparingly to allow the therapist to glide along the skin to reduce friction on the skin.

The type of massage you want

You may prefer firm kneading, with a mixture of deep pressures and compression on your tired body, however you also like to have a relaxing, slower, lighter massage with long stretches. They perform whichever massage is right for you and your body.

They also communicate clearly with you so that you can stop at any time in treatment session if you don’t want to proceed or if you want them to move on to another area.

Book A Full Body Massage Today

A full body massage takes approximately 50 minutes to complete; you may not even realize how time slips away while you are relaxing calm on the massage table.

You will end your session feeling nice and light, chilled out and just nice inside. Our therapists along with our patients love a full body massage in Chelmsford!

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