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Keep Your Pet in Great Condition with a Between-Groom Bath and Blow Dry Hobbies Society Style 

Keep Your Pet in Great Condition with a Between-Groom Bath and Blow Dry

The winter weather presents dog owners with a few dilemmas. Your pooch needs his daily dose of exercise, so avoiding walkies isn’t an option, even when it’s chilly and wet outside – but the wind, rain, mud, ice and snow can wreak havoc with your pet’s fur and leave them looking (and feeling) a little worse for wear.

Even towelling off mud and other debris after a walk can create problems, as the rough-dry approach will often leave fur tangled, matted and full of pesky knots.

The best way to combat unkempt coats is to pay more attention to your pet’s grooming regime. But if you’re not keen to take your dog to the local dog grooming salon for a full groom on a more regular basis, a bath and blow dry might do the trick.

What should you expect from a between-groom bath and blow dry in Essex?

A between-groom bath, brush and blow dry is the perfect way to keep matted fur, skin irritations and general discomfort at bay. The service does exactly what it says on the tin – your dog will enjoy a deep cleaning bath using the latest salon-quality products, a tailored blow dry, and a brush and comb through to remove dead coat and even out matted fur. Your dog will emerge from their salon experience clean, tidy and, above all, house-friendly! A bath and blow dry is often a lot cheaper than a full groom and it’s suitable for both short and long coated breeds.

The bath and blow dry option is what we’d call a ‘touch up’ service. It will not usually include a hair or nail trim, an ear cleanse or coat styling, so speak to your salon owner if you’re looking for a more comprehensive treatment.

Options for you to try at home

There are also plenty of things you can do to look after your mucky pups at home. We would always recommend investing in specially-designed dog shampoos, which are a God send for owners of dogs who like to roll in mud and pick up all sorts of nasties while they’re out and about! Dog shampoos will thoroughly cleanse your pet’s coat and give extra nourishment to both the hair and the skin, leaving them fresh and smelling gorgeous.

There are plenty of shampoos and body mists out there, and most of them are very affordable, too, including the range from Hownd. Today’s most popular shampoos normally contain 100% natural ingredients, and many will also offer anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, but always check the label for more information before you make a purchase. If you’re not sure what to buy, speak to your dog groomer – he or she will be able to talk you through the different types of shampoo on the market and recommended the best product according to your breed and your current grooming routine.

Alongside shampooing your dog’s coat, it’s very important to brush through their hair on a regular basis. This will prevent heavy matting, itching and pulling, all of which can be very stressful for your pet. Again, if you need any advice on brushing techniques, your dog groomer will always be happy to give you a quick tutorial. After all, frequent brushing makes their job easier, as it will prevent the build-up of big, uncomfortable knots and stop them from having to clip the fur short instead of styling it as you wish!

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