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Estate Agents: Why You Need One When Selling a Property Home & Garden Living in Essex 

Estate Agents: Why You Need One When Selling a Property

Let a property professional guide you through the selling maze

With the widespread use of the Internet to promote houses and the plethora of TV programmes about property, you may be tempted to have a go at selling your property yourself to save money on estate agent’s commission fees.

Before you take the plunge and try some DIY property selling it’s important to think carefully; what you might save on an estate agent’s fees could easily be more than swallowed up by unexpected costs of selling privately and maybe not getting the same price as an experienced property professional might.


Why do you need an estate agent?

Reasons to use a property professional:

Local knowledge – knowledge is power in most things and using an experienced local professional, for example this Brentwood estate agent (if you’re selling in this area of Essex) puts you in the hands of an expert who knows the local market and thus what sort of price you can expect to realise on your property.

A responsible professional will value your home accurately based on realistic market values (beware of an agent who offers an inflated valuation just to get your property on their books).

Your local agent’s knowledge is particularly helpful if you own a ‘one off’ property that can’t be readily compared to others.


Marketing your property – your agent will have access to modern marketing methods and good old word of mouth techniques:

Online – your agent will have their own website to market properties through and will get your home on major property portals such as Rightmove; if you’re marketing your home yourself you wouldn’t have access to these.

Photography and more – your agent will take care of photographing your property in the best light and maybe providing ‘virtual tours’ through video and – in some cases – virtual reality tech.

Buyer list – where your agent can really score over a DIY sale is having access to a qualified list of people – ‘applicants’ – who are in the market.

The agent will get in touch with those they feel are a good fit for your property as soon as you give them an instruction; it may even sell or at least have viewers lined up before even hitting websites.


The sales process

Along with ensuring only qualified potential buyers get to the viewing stage, your agent can perform accompanied viewings with them.

This is often preferable to your doing it yourself as an agent knows how to ‘lead’ the process and show your home off in its best light and, once again, remove the emotive aspect from the process.

They’re also skilled in knowing if someone is interested or not by reading ‘between the lines’ of what they may say during and after looking round. Your agent is highly experienced in negotiating with buyers and working to get the best price for their client.

Furthermore, your agent is skilled in the all-important aspect of qualifying potential buyers; are they in a position to make an offer and complete? What sort of chain are they involved in?

If you have multiple offers, your agent can help you assess which one is the best not just on price but in terms of the ‘buyer profile’.


Processing the sale

This is perhaps where using an estate agent really pays off. Many agents say their job is just starting once an offer is accepted and the sale starts progressing.

There can be various hold ups and bumps in the road what with buyer chains, legal people and surveyors getting involved and more and some sales can take time. Your agent is experienced and has the contacts and know how to keep on top of things and keep the sale moving.

Trying to do this yourself would likely prove highly time consuming and probably frustrating.

Think carefully before trying the DIY route when you consider the service you can expect from a reputable property professional.

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