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How to Test Out a New Kitchen-Diner? Hold A Dinner Party! Home & Garden 

How to Test Out a New Kitchen-Diner? Hold A Dinner Party!

You’ve just had a swanky new kitchen installed and you want to show it off to your family and friends – rightly so! But, how? Why not hold a dinner party to show off your wonderful new room while it still looks like a luxury kitchen showroom interior!

A dinner party doesn’t need to be expensive, stressful or time consuming, it just means having good food with good company. They are the ingredients for a fabulous night.

Invite your friends round

There is nothing more rewarding than entertaining your closest friends in the the comfort of your own home, and if you have just spent a year planning your extension and building your new kitchen and dining room, what better way to enjoy it than in the company of good friends?

A good dinner party should be like a trip to a restaurant, in that the food and drink flows effortlessly from kitchen to table. This is a challenge for the host, or also have to entertain guests! Getting guests involved can help, and this is where a large kitchen diner really comes into its own – you can easily grab a friend to help with the last minutes preparations and serving, rather than do it all yourself.

When choosing your guests for the evening, it’s important to find out their dietary requirements beforehand. That way, there’ll be no last-minute meal planning and you’ll know exactly what you need to cook and who for. You could even create a menu beforehand, giving your guests a couple of options to choose from – if you feel like spoiling them!

Show off your new kitchen

You’ve got a reason to hold a dinner party now, so show your brand-new kitchen off with pride! Let your guests have a look around and ooo and ahh over the new features. Whether it be a new island in the centre, brand new bespoke cabinets or intricately designed cupboards, there’s something in your kitchen that will impress any guest!

Everybody loves looking at new kitchens – it’s like a reality TV show where you are at the centre! And seeing delight, and sometimes a little envy, in your friend’s faces when they marvel at your celebrity style kitchen is  the icing on the cake!

Prepare a meal from scratch

It doesn’t have to be anything worthy of rivalling Nigela or Gordon Ramsey, but putting some thought into the menu can really go a long way. Creating a meal from scratch can sometimes be cheaper and can also be much healthier. If it’s a brand-new recipe, it would be a good idea to practice the dish a couple times a few weeks in advance.

What you cook really depends on the size of your party. If for 4-6 people, then you can easily manage individual dishes, such as fish, steaks, lamb or chicken, whereas if you are catering for a larger group, consider a stew with plenty of rice and veg, and serve in bowls on the table and let everybody help themselves.

Once the food is ready enjoy your dinner in your new kitchen-diner in the company of good friends.

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