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How To Turn a Balcony into a Tiny Paradise Home & Garden 

How To Turn a Balcony into a Tiny Paradise

6 clever ways to transform your outside space

When it comes to outside space, small can be beautiful. With creativity and great accessories you can transform a tiny balcony into your own private paradise.

Having some outside space that we can call our own is incredibly important for our health and wellbeing. And with a bit of effort and creative thinking, even the smallest balcony can be transformed into a private garden paradise.

Replace flooring

When revamping your balcony, it makes sense to start from the bottom up, and changing the flooring can have a big impact on the overall look of your outside space. Wooden tiles will give the space a sophisticated indoor-outdoor feel, while patterned tiles will help to inject some fun and colour. For a contemporary, ‘zen’ look you could opt for a gravel floor interspersed with paved stepping stones. Alternatively, if gardens and greenery are more your thing, artificial grass is a great, low-maintenance option.

Go green

Research has shown that spending time in green spaces is good for our mental and physical health, so maximise the health potential of your balcony by filling it with natural greenery. Evergreen plants such as eucalyptus, boxwood and climbing ivy are great choices as they keep your balcony looking great all year round, or, if you’re looking to create a more exotic feel, opt for tropical species such as cacti, bamboo and palms. To make the most of your space you could also allocate one of your walls to create a vertical garden or ‘living wall’.

Riots of colour

No garden is complete without some beautiful blooms, so add colour to your balcony with vibrant floral displays. You may not be blessed flower beds, but there are plenty of other options available to house your flowers, from stylish terracotta pots to rustic wooden containers and eye-catching hanging baskets. For a striking, contemporary finish, choose different species of flowers that are all in the same shade, or mix things up with blooms in a variety of colours for a bright, fun look.

Light up

The lighting you choose for your balcony paradise can make a big difference to the final look and feel. Romantic candlelight is the perfect way to add atmosphere once the sun goes down, or wrap fairylights around fencing, furniture or doorways for a twinkling star-like effect. Solar powered lanterns, or unique pieces such as this funky ‘light bird’ which attaches to your balcony fence, can also help to add colour and fun to your outside space.

Choose the right furniture

Turn your balcony into an indulgent, cosy space with comfortable seating. This could be a stylish corner sofa, striking cocoon chair, or just some oversize cushions or bean bags. If you have the space and layout you could even set up a hammock for whiling away lazy summer afternoons. Even small balconies can be furnished – look for space saving options such as pop-up furniture and tables that attach to your balcony fencing to make the best use of the available space.

Be creative

When it comes to creating your own balcony paradise, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and exercise your creativity. Reuse and upcycle unwanted items, such as using mason jars for candleholders, empty tins as plant pots, or a stepladder for a makeshift shelving unit, to create a unique, stylish space that’s completely personal to you.


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