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Preparing Your Site For Burglar Alarm Installation Home & Garden Living in Essex 

Preparing Your Site For Burglar Alarm Installation

Whether you manage the security for your employer, own a commercial business or a residential property one of the best ways to secure your site is with the installation of a burglar alarm system. Your property, stock, machinery, resources, tools and equipment are some of your most valuable assets which you can’t afford to leave as easy prey for vandals and burglars.

And with burglaries in the South East of England reaching an all-time high in 2018; it is more pertinent than ever to consider burglar alarms Essex as your first point of contact for securing your premises.

Of course, the most valuable assets you have are your employees and a burglar alarm that incorporates a CCTV system can also help protect and monitor their access and egress throughout the day. Therefore, becoming a source of valuable recorded information in the case of an emergency.

When choosing an alarm system, it is important you pay as much attention to the supplier, as you do to the alarm system itself. Selecting an accredited security provider will give you peace of mind and ensure your products are all in line with British and European Safety Standards. The SSSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) is a leading certification body for organisations providing fire and security protection and you should find this accreditation easily displayed on your supplier’s websites. It is also important that your preferred supplier proposes to visit your premises to carry out a full initial assessment, not only on your property but also the immediate area in which you are situated. This will help ensure that the right customised security solution is designed and installed in the most effective areas of your property.

When you come to discuss the selection of alarms available don’t be overwhelmed by the vast array of products on the market. The spec and technical advances of modern security systems seem never ending. If you are looking at products from various suppliers and are having difficulty comparing these, don’t hesitate to ask the supplier to talk you through the differences. It’s imperative to ask many questions to ensure you are well informed before you make a final decision.

You may decide to opt for a small simple system maybe for the home or a small workshop or a technologically advanced multi-functional system for larger commercial premises. Whatever you choose will at the very least act as good deterrent, but also act as a fast alert should an unfortunate break in take place.

You may also want to consider if you will use a wired or wireless system. Hard wired systems are usually more secure and reliable than a wireless system, but a wireless system can be moved around if the need arises and is extremely quick and easy to install. Once you have chosen your system you may want to add on a maintenance contract meaning you will have monitoring 24 hrs a day 7 days week. This can offer valuable peace of mind and will ensure your equipment is serviced and maintained regularly.

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