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How to Pamper Your Body, Mind and Heart In Essex This Summer Living in Essex 

How to Pamper Your Body, Mind and Heart In Essex This Summer

Whether you’re finishing a difficult week at work or want to reward yourself, try these handy tips for pampering your body, mind and heart ready for summer!

How to pamper your body

Head to a spa for a luxurious day where you can rest and rejuvenate; spas often have hot tubs, pools and jacuzzies where you can soak and relax. A soak in your bath at home is just as peaceful and relaxing, so why not run yourself a bubble bath with some essential oils to give it a touch of luxury.

Heading to a local salon with friends for manicures and pedicures can help to perk you up and get summer-ready!

How to pamper your mind

If your mind needs a little TLC, why not put some comfy lounge clothes on and snuggle down with that book you’ve been meaning to finish for the last few months? If books aren’t your thing, take the time to pick up a magazine, newspaper or catch up on some blogs!

If you want to relax, meditation is all about releasing your worries and allowing yourself to mentally decompress. Find a quiet and calm place to sit down, and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and let your worries float away from you with every breath you exhale.

How to pamper your heart

If you have been busy or working a lot, set some time aside to pamper your heart by making plans with family, friends or loved ones. Planning a day of activities gives you something to look forward to, and surrounding yourself with people you love can help you to relax and enjoy yourself.

If you fancy some alone time, why not book a getaway for you and your friend or partner. Spending some time away is a great way to pamper yourself and spend time bonding. It doesn’t need to be somewhere far, planning a day trip could be more than enough – think booking a hotel for the night for a change of scenery, or driving to a seaside town!

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