Prevent Commercial Crime with These 4 Simple Steps Business 

Prevent Commercial Crime with These 4 Simple Steps

Keep your premises or construction site safe and secure from intruders Commercial premises, areas and sites are prime targets for thieves – often isolated out of hours they can provide rich pickings in terms of valuable equipment and materials, and the less secure ones can make for an unfortunately easy theft. Preventing commercial crime is certainly possible and is easier than ever thanks to advances in security equipment and procedures, so how can it benefit you? Bespoke intruder alarms For many intruders, evidence of a comprehensive alarm set up will…

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Concrete Formworkers: What They Do? Business 

Concrete Formworkers: What They Do?

Formwork is used in the concreting phase of all sizes of construction projects. These projects can range from small private residential builds through to large commercial and industrial constructions including buildings as large as shopping centres and sports stadiums. Formwork refers to the name given for the moulds which are used to house freshly poured concrete. The concrete is poured within the moulds and left to harden, then once hardened the moulds or formwork can be removed leaving in situ the structure of the building in the form of walls,…

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The Importance of Resource Management in the Workplace Business 

The Importance of Resource Management in the Workplace

Every business is under pressure to do more with less. Profitability and growth are not just a matter of selling more and increasing turnover – you need to keep on top of efficiency and productivity, too. Indeed, the world of business is littered with tales of businesses which wastefully threw resources at increasing turnover, only to fatally undermine profitability. This is what makes resource management an important discipline in the modern workplace. Specifically, it is a sub-discipline of project management focused on the optimisation of resources. These resources might be…

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How To Find The Best Tanking System For Your Premises Home & Garden 

How To Find The Best Tanking System For Your Premises

Ensuring a good tanking solution as part of effective waterproofing If you’re about to create a basement space in your premises or are looking to remove damp issues in your present one, then an appropriate tanking system fitted by experienced professionals is a key part of ensuring good waterproofing. What is tanking? In a nutshell, it’s the application of a special coating to the inside of a basement to prevent water entering from the outside as it would otherwise do into spaces below ground level. It effectively makes the basement…

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Why Health and Safety is Crucial in Contracting Business Services 

Why Health and Safety is Crucial in Contracting

Since the introduction of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 considering and implementing safe working practices has become a legal and mandatory requirement for all employers. Every business from a florist to a manufacturing plant must consider all the risks associated with any of the tasks their employees perform and aim to minimise or eradicate any potential risk of injury. However, within the construction industry any potential risks associated with employee activities are magnified. This is due to the nature of work, the environment, equipment used and the…

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Preparing Your Site For Burglar Alarm Installation Home & Garden Living in Essex 

Preparing Your Site For Burglar Alarm Installation

Whether you manage the security for your employer, own a commercial business or a residential property one of the best ways to secure your site is with the installation of a burglar alarm system. Your property, stock, machinery, resources, tools and equipment are some of your most valuable assets which you can’t afford to leave as easy prey for vandals and burglars. And with burglaries in the South East of England reaching an all-time high in 2018; it is more pertinent than ever to consider burglar alarms Essex as your…

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