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Bouncy Castle Hire in Essex Parties 

Bouncy Castle Hire in Essex

Children and adults alike can have a lot of indoor and outdoor fun

When you think of a bouncy castle you may think of a large, usually yellow Disney-looking inflatable structure full of young children bounding up and down. The truth is a little different in that the term ‘bouncy castle’ can cover a variety of inflatables offering activity fun such as assault courses, bowling alleys, castles specifically for boys and girls and themed varieties including popular films and toys such as ‘Frozen’ and Barbie respectively.

It’s fair to say that whether you’re male, female, adolescent or adult and whatever your tastes there’s a bouncy castle just for you. Companies such as this bouncy castle hire in Essex specialist can provide a suitable inflatable for your event whether it’s a private children’s party, a public event such as a carnival, or an adult summer party.

Bouncy castles suitable for various age ranges

Both in terms of safety and the sort of castle that would provide enjoyment for a certain age group, it’s possible to select a suitable type by category (such as child, boy, girl and so on). A professional bouncy castle hire company can provide and advise on suitable castles for certain age ranges such as, say, a type for children under five to something appropriate for older children.

There’s plenty of options for children of all ages; there are favourite children’s characters galore with Disney favourites such as Mickey Mouse, superhero film characters such as Spider Man not to mention general kiddies favourites such as pirate and ocean creature themed castles.


For older children with a bit more energy to burn, activity castles are a favourite. Pirate assault courses and a coconut shy are options as are football-related types amongst others.

Adults joining the fun

There’s no reason for adults to be left out when it comes to bouncy castle fun; versions for adults tend to take the form of activity types so a bit of sumo wrestling (wearing an inflatable sumo suit!) and a pirate assault course are options as is a bowling alley and a bungee run to mention a few.


  • Location – whether the castle will be used indoors or out will have a bearing on what type is specified, and whether it’s sited on a hard surface such as tarmac or a softer one such as grass. Certain castles are suitable for one or two surfaces only or various types.
  • Poor conditions – at times of particularly bad weather, it may not be suitable to use a bouncy castle outdoors; the hire company should advise accordingly.
  • Space – the hire company’s website would show the space requirements for the castle and they’d advise verbally, too.
  • Power – a power supply is required for the inflatable, and the company could also provide alternative power in the form of a generator at extra cost if there isn’t a suitable supply in the vicinity of the bouncy castle.

Safety first

Amidst the fun there needs to be high standards of safety, and this is where a bouncy castle hire company with a wide choice of inflatables for hire and offering sound advice proves invaluable. Along with ensuring the right castle is provided for the age group in mind, the company can provide the most appropriate type for the location it will be used in.

The bouncy castle hire company will also be fully public liability insured. If a person is injured while using the bouncy castle or related equipment and the cause is due to faulty set up or equipment, then compensation would be paid. Full instructions as to the inflatable’s use would be provided by the company employee doing the setting up both verbally and in writing.

The company’s bouncy castles should all be PIPA safety certified; this is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry and recognised by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) to ensure inflatable play equipment meets certain standards.

Having fun

Bouncy castles are a firm favourite for children and even adults alike. Using an experienced company to hire yours from ensures you get the right one for your requirements in terms of tastes and age ranges, it will meet the highest standards of safety in its condition and set up, and that you’ll know exactly how to use it properly.

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