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Encourage Guests to Social Share at Your Event Parties 

Encourage Guests to Social Share at Your Event

The main reason behind organising an event for businesses is to create brand awareness amongst its target audience. Organising an event, whether it be a big corporate do or a fun wedding or birthday party, it’s all about creating memories afterwards that last.

A way to do this is encouraging guests to social share the event, through hashtags, photobooths and social media competitions.


Make an event hashtag

To make the event a success on social, it’s important to create an event hashtag, and use it on every event related post that gets shared on social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Every time the guests share content on social, which could be an interesting image or a viral video, your hashtag will get promoted with it.

This will also increase the viewership of the hashtag every time it gets shared.

Hire a photo booth

The rise in popularity of photobooths has made them more accessible for events and special occasions. They are perfect for any event, be it weddings, corporate events, baby showers and bridal parties. Pretty much any time you gather a group of people together you have a good reason for a photo booth essex!

Having a photo booth at an event is an excellent way of getting guests to social share during the event. Guests can have fun with props and costumes, and get their photos printed instantly on strips, perfectly sized for popping into bags and purses. Photobooths can often customise photo strips with a logo or text, and these make for perfect things to social share about events.

Not only are photo booths great fun, but they’re good ice breakers too. Photobooths often print multiple strips and it’s a lovely memento for guests to keep and share during and after the event.

Run social media competitions

If you’re looking for ways to get your guests involved in the event, run a competition across your social media channels.

You don’t need to break the bank, as the prize could simply be a free framed copy of a photo from the photo booth, or vouchers for a guests upcoming party or event. Of course, if the event organisers have the budget, why not buy a nice gift – such as a selfie stick for parties, for example – which can go a long way in convincing people to use an event hash tag.

A competition will make people comment and indulge in your posts so the number of people commenting and interacting with posts will increase.

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