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Fed Up with Rising Fuel Prices? Get A Biomass Boiler Services 

Fed Up with Rising Fuel Prices? Get A Biomass Boiler

Save Money and The Environment with This Alternative Heating Solution

Record-breaking price hikes are forcing homeowners to look at cost-effective ways to heat their properties. Find out how biomass boilers are the perfect option.  

Energy companies have already raised their standard-variable tariffs 43 times in 2018, which means more than once a week! These extra charges are due to rising wholesale costs which energy companies have passed straight down to the customer, meaning an average cost of £300 extra added to their annual bills. However, the rates do vary largely depending on which region you live in – for example, if you live in the north-east of England or London and use nPower, then your bills will only have increased by £56. Others have capitalised by switching energy suppliers to benefit from brand new customer deals which have seen them save up to £482. However, a much better action plan is to eradicate your energy bills altogether. Imagine paying £0 for your heating! Well, this could be a reality if you switch to using a biomass boiler.

What Is A Biomass Boiler?

Biomass boilers are a natural heating solution which use wood, wooden chips or pellets as fuel. By using an automatic feeding system, the fuel can be introduced into the burner at a constant rate, which makes it much more convenient and efficient than previous manual log-burning models. Once inside the burner, the wood is ignited using an electric probe. The heat emitted from the fuel can then be utilised either for central heating systems or your water tanks. A thermostat will control the temperature and how regularly the boiler needs to heat up.

How Cost-Effective Are Biomass Boilers?

Once you’ve paid for the initial installation of the biomass boiler, they’re a surprisingly cheap option in terms of ongoing costs. If you own land and are able to supply your own chopped wood, then it won’t cost you a penny. In fact, just 2-3 hectares of land can create enough fuel to heat an entire 3 bed family home for up to a year. For other consumers who will need to rely on suppliers for their wood-burning fuel, it’s important to bear in mind that the cost of wood is unlikely to spike quite so regularly or as high as other types of fuel. Therefore, once you’ve lined up a supplier you’re happy with, you can be assured that your regular bills will likely remain much more consistent.

Another money-saving benefit to installing biomass heating, is that you may be eligible for some financial assistance through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHIS).

The True Cost To The Environment

When we think about cost-effectiveness, we’re not just talking about money of course. With an increasing awareness of environmental issues, it’s important that we consider the cost to the planet. And biomass boilers are considered to be eco-friendlier in terms of the production of CO2 emissions.

The interest in installing biomass boilers as an alternative method to heat homes is increasing rapidly – in fact, there are now 175,000 homeowners in the UK who are making the switch each year. With a huge question mark over the rising costs of energy bills and how much Brits can really afford to pay energy companies, why not look into installing a biomass boiler for your own home? Not only will you save money, but you could also protect the environment!

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