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Grass Protection for Village Fairs and School Fetes Services 

Grass Protection for Village Fairs and School Fetes

The warm weather and longer, brighter days are both sure signs that village fairs and school fetes will soon be making an appearance. These fun, social events are great for raising money and inspiring the community to engage more, but sometimes they can do more damage that good to the ground they’re held on.

It’s important to make sure the grass is protected when events are held on it as cars, people, inflatables and stands can all cause the grass to become damaged and weak. The grass can become patchy, dry and discoloured, and in some cases, will never grow back again properly.

To give grass the protection that it needs, TuffTrak mats should be laid down a few days before an event to ensure there is a safe, even surface for people to walk on and that the grass will remain healthy and undamaged underneath.

Tufftrack mats work as one solid piece of construction, and help protect against severe eco damage to the ground and sensitive sites. They are easy to slot together and are ideal for people to walk on and vehicles to drive slowly on. The mats can be used side up to provide a traction surface, or the low-profile surface is suitable for pedestrian use.

TuffTrak mats are the ultimate heavy duty road mats that can be used on grass to ensure it is protected from any potential damage. In wet conditions, grass can become bogged down with water and turn into a muddy sludge. Heavy rain damage can cause grass to flatten and in some cases, can cause the grass to never grow back.

Mats can protect the grass underneath and also work as a safety feature, as they’re much safer to walk on if events are held on unlevelled terrain. Often at pop up events, the parking facilities are put into an overspill field. Heavy traffic can damage and flatten the grass, so it’s important that the grass is protected with heavy duty mats. They are smooth and interlock with each other, making it easy for vehicles to drive slowly on it.

School fetes and village fairs are often filled with hundreds of people walking around, giant inflatable bouncy castles, hot food stands and often emergency service vehicles parked up for people to visit.

Fetes and fayres are always bustling with families, children and couples, they’re fun and entertaining for all. Some popular fete stalls include face painting, amusement rides, lucky dips and bouncy castles. Fetes and fayres are great for raising money for local charities and helping to promote businesses in the local area.

Bouncy castles are great fun, but it’s important to make sure they are on ground protecting mats. Inflatables often flatten the grass temporarily and are held down using stakes, so having protective mats underneath the inflatable can protect the grass from excessive friction. It’s important to keep mud off of bouncy castles, so protective mats can also ensure inflatables stay clean, dry and enjoyable for everyone.

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