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Lost Your House Key? Don’t Panic! Services 

Lost Your House Key? Don’t Panic!

How to act when the worst happens and you lose your house key; searching for it carefully and retracing previous movements and using a reputable emergency locksmith.

Keeping calm, searching methodically and using a trusted locksmith

It’s easy to get flustered once you experience that sinking feeling of your house keys not being where you expect them to be and you think you’ve lost them.

At the very least there’s that stressful and frustrating time searching for them until they’re found, at the very worst there’s the worry they may have fallen into the wrong hands and your home security is at risk. All sorts of fears run through the mind at times like this, but it’s important to try and think clearly and have a backup in place if it means you’re locked out.

Take a breath and think

Once you realise you’ve lost your keys, try and think carefully once the initial and perhaps inevitable stress hits you; these tips to get into a calmer state and search methodically may help.

When and where did you last have them?

Think to when you last know you had them about you; this may help jog your memory as to what happened. For example, if you have your supermarket loyalty card on the key ring maybe you’ve just got back from Tesco and realise you last handled them when the checkout person scanned the card?

Perhaps you left them lying on the counter – possible if you were hurriedly packing your groceries because of the queue building up behind? Or maybe your mobile rang just as you were about to scoop the keys up?

This may help narrow it down as to the time frame from knowing when you last had them to realising they were lost.

Search systematically

If this memory jogging doesn’t help, search carefully – you may have put them down somewhere a little unusual. A feverish hunting about may not help; try and search methodically and slowly.

Ask around

Retrace your steps and ask in places you visited since you knew you last had them. It’s worth reporting them missing at the local police station.

Practical steps

You may be locked out of course, so you’ll likely need some professional help to get into your home unless someone nearby who is contactable looks after a spare key for you.

If you don’t have a specialist locksmith’s number in your phone then – if you can get online via your phone or gain access to a computer or tablet – do a search for something like ‘emergency locksmiths Colchester’.

Hopefully they’ll be geared up to responding quickly to your predicament – maybe offering a 24-hour service if you’re unfortunate to be inconvenienced late at night.

A professional locksmith may be able to gain access to your home without causing unnecessary damage and might also be able to offer on the spot key cutting. This can be helpful if, say, you have a spare key you can get to once the locksmith has gained access to your home for you and you’d like to have a duplicate made in a hurry to replace the lost one.

Replacement locks and security

If it’s clear your key is lost you may be concerned about someone having potential access to your home, especially if the key fob, wallet or whatever you keep your keys in carries your name and address.

Should you need the lock changed, your locksmith should be able to replace it for you promptly or they may be able to rekey the lock – a process whereby a new key is used to open an existing lock so rendering the previous key unusable.

Rekeying is usually at a lower cost and quicker than a whole lock replacement and could be all that’s required to ensure your home’s security.

Put your back up in place

It’s worth putting a reputable, local 24-hour emergency locksmith’s contact details in your phone if you haven’t already done so – along with the hassle of dealing with a lost key you don’t want to be frantically searching for the help of a professional you can trust.

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