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Which Broadband Providers Are Best in Essex? Services 

Which Broadband Providers Are Best in Essex?

Nowadays, we all rely on fast internet and reliable phones, making choosing the right broadband provider an imperative factor to ensure the smooth running of a home or business. Downtime for businesses can be costly. It can cause loss of sales revenues, lost employee productivity, customer dissatisfaction and brand/loyalty damage, to name a few! At home, losing broadband means missing out on live streaming TV events.

The increasing demands of business internet means that companies need to find a good network that can cope with many users. Many companies may even seek out Essex IT support to provide unlimited support and unrivalled reliability, performance and security.

There are many broadband providers that can help support commercial and business use, including Sky, BT Infinity, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Plusnet, who all offer packages that can tailor to your specific needs.

BT Infinity

If you can get BT Infinity, this is often the best option. With BT Infinity you can stream 4K from Amazon and YouTube without any issues – these services recommend at least 25 Mb/s, BT Infinity holds a steady 45-120 Mb/s, depending on service level. BT support is also fantastic, their engineers properly investigate issues and resolve them.

BT Business Broadband

BT have the most comprehensive business broadband packages available to suit big and small companies. BT’s download speeds are great for those looking to use emails and browsing, and have increased speed packages for cloud-based workflows and big data applications.

Plusnet Business Broadband

Plusnet offers several packages, including standard and fibre connections with download speeds ranging from 18Mbps up to 76Mbps. There are capped and unlimited usage plans, and Plusnet gives businesses the option to bundle broadband with a phone line.

Plusnet business packages also have inclusive features such as unlimited email addresses, a free web domain and 250MB of web space. A static IP is also available on request.

TalkTalk Business Simply Broadband Business

TalkTalk provide unlimited business broadband solutions and offer seven-day business support as standard – great for businesses that rely heavily on broadband and call usage.

You can create up to four static IP addresses to a package and have the provider’s WorkSafe network security system included.

Virgin Business Broadband

Virgin offers an unlimited fibre broadband service with excellent download speeds. All packages come with a Super Hub wireless router and unlimited usage. Virgin also offer 24-hour support all year round at no extra cost – a bonus for businesses who rely on broadband speed to complete daily work tasks.


Sky Broadband provide a range of broadband and talk packages for homes, but they aren’t tailored for businesses just yet.

A great feature of Sky broadband however is the Sky Broadband shield, an online protection tool available at no extra cost. It can help to control what people can access online, across all devices that are connected to the Sky Broadband network. It can also protect against phishing and malware-infected websites.

Everybody has an opinion about their broadband suppliers. For business, it is always best to go with the suppliers with the best performance, uptime and customer support.

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