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Seeking a New Life Overseas? Don’t Leave Your Cat Behind Travel 

Seeking a New Life Overseas? Don’t Leave Your Cat Behind

Bring Your Furry Friends With You

For cat owners, moving to another country can seem intimidating. With Fetchapet’s help, things can be a lot less stressful.

Are you planning to move to South Africa? If so, then you’re joining the many Brits starting a new life in one of the world’s most beautiful countries. A move as big as this doesn’t come without lots of preparation and effort though – especially if pets are involved. If you’re a devoted cat owner, then consider getting in touch with a trusted company like Fetchapet to take care of your cat transport to South Africa.


If you are going to bring your pet with you to South Africa, then you need to first secure a permit. With so many other things to take care of though, this can easily be forgotten. This is no reflection on your love for your pet – moves are just stressful, time consuming businesses with so much to remember. Luckily, your pet transport company will be able to obtain all of the documentation that you need to complete prior to your move.

Veterinary treatment

Cats must be vaccinated, microchipped and undergo numerous blood tests before the big move. Don’t worry, your pet transportation experts will tell you exactly which treatments your furry friend needs to undergo. By the time the big day rolls around, your cat will be collected from your property by a dedicated team member, and then they’ll travel in a specially made container that has been tailor made for them. So they’ll be flying in style!

Start planning your move today

Its natural to worry about your pet embarking on such a long journey, especially as you cannot accompany them. When you arrange that journey with Fetchapet though, you can be sure that you are liaising with a team who make sure that every box is ticked. As animal lovers themselves, they also genuinely care about your pet’s health and happiness before, during and after your trip. Now, isn’t that just purrfect?

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