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10 Things a Visiting Carer Can Help With

How You Could Benefit From Professional Care

Visiting carers make a wealth of difference to people’s lives on a day to day basis, helping them to maintain their independence for longer.

Visiting care can be a lifeline for a wide range of people. Here’s how a visiting carer could help you or a loved one:

Running errands

If you need someone to run your errands for you, a visiting carer will be able to step in and make sure you stay on top of everything. Whether it’s buying food, collecting and dropping off prescriptions or posting letters, they will be able to help.

Bathing and showering

For some, bathing and showering can be difficult. A visiting carer will be able to visit and help you wash, whether that’s at the beginning of the day or at the end. So you will be able to maintain good hygiene with no problems.

Getting dressed

Buttons and zips can become tricky for some to deal with, while others may struggle to bend and stretch as they get dressed. A visiting carer will help you to get ready for the day, and changed for bed later on.

Accompanying you to appointments

If you want someone to come with you to medical appointments, then a visiting carer will be more than happy to step in. Whether you’re heading to the GP, hospital, dentist or any other kind of care provider, they’ll give you the support you need.

Keeping you company

If you crave some simple companionship, then a visiting carer will be able to assist with that too. You can enjoy a cup of tea together, looking at the world go by from your window or watching the TV. It’s only human to crave company, and older people are at particular risk of feeling lonely.

Cleaning and tidying

If you take pride in your home but are struggling to stay on top of your household chores, then you can have a visiting carer step in and take care of those jobs for you. Hoovering, dusting, mopping floors, ironing, washing up – they can do it all!

Taking care of your pets

Pets are a great source of comfort for many, and it’s always sad when someone has to give theirs up because they can’t walk them or give them the attention they deserve. Visiting carers can walk dogs, take pets to grooming appointments, and do whatever else is needed to keep you together.

Organise your medication

If you are finding it tough to keep on top of your medication, you could be putting your health at risk. A visiting carer will be able to make sure that you’ve taken your medication when it’s appropriate, and that your levels of medicine remain fully stocked.

Care during the night

Visiting carers can provide care through the night too. This will either be on a ‘sleeping night’ basis, where the care worker expects a full night’s sleep but is there in case you need them, or an ‘awake night’ shift where they remain on duty all night.

Preparing meals

If you love to cook but find that certain impairments are holding you back, then a live in carer could help. They’ll be able to assist you in the planning and preparations of meals, so you can carry on enjoying the food you love.

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