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Are You Able To Travel Out Of Your Tier To Close Your Caravan For The Season? Uncategorized 

Are You Able To Travel Out Of Your Tier To Close Your Caravan For The Season?

How Will Lockdown Restrictions Affect Caravan Parks?

With a lockdown tier system in place, how does this affect your ability to visit your static home before the season closes?

The UK government has divided the country up into tiers based on the level of infection in each county and the necessary restrictions to keep the virus from spreading. With tier 1 representing a medium risk, and tier 3 a very high risk, the situation and rate of infection in each locality is ever-changing. If you’re in an area with strict limitations on travel, then how does this affect your ability to visit your holiday home? As we near the end of the season, find out if you’re allowed to travel to your static caravans site and prepare for the winter months.

Top Level Restrictions

Those in the top tier 3 will find that pubs and bars in their area are closed other than for dining, people are not able to meet non-household members either indoors or outdoors and wedding receptions are currently banned. There are also strict travel rules in place which aim to prevent spreading the virus into a less impacted area. The rules state that if you live in a ‘very high’ area of risk, then you should try to avoid travelling out of the area, unless it is necessary for work, education or as part of your role as a carer. This is equally the case that you should avoid travelling into a tier 3 zone unless you are doing so for one of the applicable reasons. You should also avoid staying overnight in a tier 3 zone, or in a lower zone if you are from a ‘very high’ risk area yourself.

Visiting Your Caravan

With many caravan parks closing for the season from the start of November, you may be wondering how you stand with regards to preparing your static home for the winter. As the situation is constantly evolving, it’s essential that you follow the latest local and government advice and stay updated with any changes. Begin by getting in touch with your caravan park to find out their position on whether you may visit. Those parks which are located in the lower tiers of 1 or 2 are more likely to be able to welcome you back, provided that you’re not breaking any of your own local lockdown or self-isolation rules.

Winterising Your Static Home

If you are able to visit your static home to prepare it for the colder months, then one of your main jobs will be to drain down your caravan unit and let the pipes run through before turning off the stopcock. You should also place antifreeze inside the water cistern of your toilet to prevent any possible frost damage when not in use. Damp and mildew can also be a problem during colder spells, so take care to air your caravan as best you can before leaving. You can also prevent mould from forming by leaving cupboard and wardrobe doors open and propping your mattress on the bed to encourage air circulation. Finally, if you have any obvious faults that require maintenance, such as leaky pipes or guttering, then now is the time to fix them so that your caravan will be in fantastic condition when you’re next allowed to visit.

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