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Can You Really Buy A New Smile Over The Internet? Uncategorized 

Can You Really Buy A New Smile Over The Internet?

How Safe Is Mail Order Alignment Treatment?

Are you unhappy with your wonky teeth? Now may be the right time to enhance your smile, but be aware of the risks of buying aligners over the Internet.

Online shopping has surged in the UK this year, with a 200% increase in home and leisure retail in the week immediately after the first lockdown began. Brits sure do love to shop online and it seems that there’s no limit to what we’re willing to order over the Internet. The latest trend is for consumers to enhance their smile by purchasing cut-price alignment treatment online. But is this really a good idea?

Affordable Alternative To Braces

Invisalign is the ground-breaking treatment that offers dental patients a straighter smile, but without the social or physical awkwardness of wearing metal braces. A professional dentist in Essex explains that Invisalign has increased in popularity with adults in particular. The treatment works by wearing sets of clear aligners which fit to the front of your teeth and gradually adjusts their position. As you progress through the treatment, which will take several months, your smile is transformed. A typical Invisalign treatment might cost in the region of £4,800 including all consultation work. However, a US company is now offering invisible braces from as little as £1,499. Wondering what you get for your money? The basic package includes the ability to pay instalments for up to 12 months, as well as a free teeth whitening kit and access to a British dentist online.

British Dental Association Advice

This may sound tempting so far. However, the British Dental Association has come out to oppose this type of treatment and advises patients to think twice before opting for any type of remote alignment package. They explain that any orthodontic work must include a visit to a qualified and reputable dentist with extensive experience in alignment technology. The vice-chairman of the BDA elaborates ‘Seeing an experienced clinician will allow treatment to be carefully monitored and ensure that if any problems arise, these are addressed. If the treatment isn’t monitored over time, you may not get the best outcome, and there is a risk of causing permanent damage to dental health.

Internet Smiles Lack Adequate Investigations

When you purchase a smile kit online, the procedure begins with you visiting a high street pharmacy to have 3d photos taken of your teeth and gum line. The images are then sent off to be analysed by dentists so that your alignment treatment can be approved. Based on these pictures alone, your aligners will be sent out by post for you to start your treatment process. Patients can speak to dentists periodically to check how the alignment is working or if they need urgent access to treatment. However, this type of service falls far short of the typical professional offering.

Alignment technology has advanced enormously since the advent of Invisalign, but patients will always benefit from access to a qualified and experienced dentist to check on the progress and any problems that crop up during the process. Although cost is a factor for many, you can’t put a price on healthy oral care, which is far easier to obtain when you visit a professional dentist for a physical examination.

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