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Converting Disused Garage Space Into A New Office Uncategorized 

Converting Disused Garage Space Into A New Office

Homeworking Causes Demand For Distraction-Free Space

Have you switched back to a homeworking role again? Consider converting your garage to find the peace and quiet you need for your work.

After spending the summer urging workers to get back to the office, the government is now recommending that Brits work from home where they can. If you spent lockdown juggling kids, pets and your spouse whilst trying to handle your daily work tasks, then you may be groaning at the idea of remote working once again. What you’re looking for is a quiet, distraction-free office space to call your own. If you’ve run out of room in your main house, then have you considered converting your garage into such a space?

Unlock The Potential In Your Garage

Builders have been inundated with requests for this type of extension or conversion project due to the record-breaking number of Brits who have been faced with working from home for the first time. The reason that garage conversions are more popular than a spare bedroom for example, is because of the space that they offer. Few rooms within your home are truly spare, they usually have an alternative function such as a playroom, spare room to welcome guests, or even your own bedroom. Instead of having to cram a desk, technology and your office files into one of these corners, you can convert your garage to create a truly dedicated space. Even a single garage offers a good 10-15 square metres, which in many cases is more space than you would have had in the workplace.

Planning Permission

It’s relatively simple to convert your garage without the need for planning permission, although this will depend on the size and location of your garage. Integral garages will not usually require any permission, but a detached unit may require permission for ‘change of use’. A builder or your local council will be able to assist with your individual proposal.

The Cost Of Converting A Garage

The cost of converting a single garage can start from around £8,000 depending on how much work is required and whether you want to install plumbing for a toilet. A windows Essex firm explains that alongside your insulation, you’ll need new doors and windows, plastering, your choice of flooring, lighting and electrics. Depending on your requirements, you may want to install plumbing for a toilet or kitchen too, although this would quickly accelerate the price nearer to the £30,000 mark. Although it may seem like a lot to stump up for a conversion, remember that you’ll be saving money over the next few months by not travelling to work, and potentially the cost of your lunch or other entertainment costs. Additionally, now is a great time to borrow or remortgage as interest rates are at a record-low.

Quick Turnaround

If you do decide that you’d like to convert your garage, then the great news it that it doesn’t typically take very long. This type of project can be completed in around two to four weeks, depending on the type of interior you’ve chosen. And in most cases, the work is carried out separately from your existing property, so you can continue with your day-to-day lives without the usual disruption of having builders in your home. However, if you are interested in this type of project, it’s best to contact builders asap for a quote, as the best professionals are getting booked up due to the increase in home working.

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