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How Does Live In Care Differ To Traditional Care Home Services? Uncategorized 

How Does Live In Care Differ To Traditional Care Home Services?

What you need to know about live in care

Deciding a loved one requires care can be a difficult choice. The many options can make it an overwhelming decision, so let’s talk about the differences between live in care and the care provided by traditional care homes…

Keeping familiar surroundings

Probably the biggest benefit of live in care Essex is that your loved one gets to stay in their own home. This is a massive advantage of this care option, particularly for someone with a condition like dementia, as it takes away the stress of being uprooted and placed in an unfamiliar location. Staying in their own home means they can continue to be surrounded by their home comforts, their own belongings and items that spark joy and memories. Traditional care homes can be comfortable, but unfortunately cannot provide that feeling of familiarity.

No separation from loved-ones

If the person who requires care was living with someone, such as a partner or friend, then this can continue. They do not have to be separated from the ones they love – unlike a traditional care home which can be isolating for them and the person they’ve left behind. They can also keep pets, which is often a huge relief as animals provide a lot of companionship and support.

Maintaining a feeling of normality

Choosing live in care means your family member/ friend can mostly continue to live their life as normal. They can maintain their routines and keep a feeling of normality. They can still do things they’ve always done like come and go as they please and invite guests whenever they want.

Consistent and custom care

Live in care provides one-to-one care 24 hours a day. This is above and beyond what a traditional care home setting can offer. It is also an advantage that the care providers will remain consistent, building a relationship with the person they are caring for and this familiarity can make your loved one feel comfortable and safe.

A more affordable option

Due to all the benefits of live in care you might expect it to be priced more expensive than care provided by a traditional care home, but this is not the case. Live in care actually proves to be a more affordable option and gives you fantastic value for money by offering services you wouldn’t get in a traditional care setting, such as one-to-one personalised care, chaperoning on outings, housework and general companionship.

Available on a temporary basis

Another advantage of live in care is that it can be used for short periods of time. This can be useful after an operation – even if the person recovering just needs help for a few days while they get back on their feet.

Live in care proves a less disruptive approach allowing the person needing care to hold on to some of their independence and normality while getting the specialist care they require.

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