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How Is Covid Responsible For A Surge In Cosmetic Dentistry? Uncategorized 

How Is Covid Responsible For A Surge In Cosmetic Dentistry?

How Does Your Smile Look On Camera?

The Zoom boom has created an increase in people wanting to enhance their smile.

One of the many changes to take place during 2020 is the widespread adoption of Zoom video conference software. During just the first quarter of the year, adoption rates had risen by 169% in comparison to the same period of 2019. Zoom has become integrated in our daily lives, allowing remote employees to keep in touch with colleagues, fitness enthusiasts to carry on with their exercise classes and friends to enjoy social distanced dinner parties. One of the unusual side effects of Zoom though, is that it has also encouraged a surge in demand for cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Camera Time

Zoom, along with rival video conferencing software has allowed us to keep in touch and to see everyone’s faces which has been comforting throughout this strange era. However, as well as greeting and chatting to other people on camera, we can of course see ourselves – in the flesh and close up. This has prompted a surge in enquiries related to cosmetic dentistry.

Extra Cash

Brits who had their holiday plans cancelled this year have received thousands of pounds in refunds. For those who haven’t rebooked their vacation, some have decided to use the spare cash to invest in their personal appearance instead. A veneers Essex dentist explains that if they had previously been planning to have an alignment or orthodontics procedure, then the pandemic may have given them the push to explore this option further. As a result, procedures such as teeth whitening, straightening, veneers, crowns and replacements are all very much in demand. In fact, online searches for this type of work are thought to have quadrupled during lockdown.

Pent-Up Demand

Solutions such as teeth whitening are typically popular during the summer, when people invest in their appearance before taking a holiday. All of the teeth whitening enquiries and appointments that would normally have been made in spring and early summer, have created a surge in interest now that dental practices are able to offer consultations once again. So, this increase in demand may level off slightly in the months to come.

Virtual Consultations

Dentists are open for business, but undoubtedly there are changes. However, the pandemic has prompted dental practices to be able to initiate virtual consultations with their patients. Although some appointments will still need to be carried out face to face, the virtual appointment is extremely useful for a wide variety of dental solutions. Some dentists are using third party software so that patients can upload close-up photos of their teeth for examination. Specialist dental analysis apps can provide dentists with a full report on the straightening required, so this can be relayed back to the patient along with a proposed treatment plan.

If you’ve spent lockdown disliking how your smile looks on camera, then now is the time to take action. Alongside practising positive oral hygiene in your at-home dental routines, you can also contact a reputable cosmetic dentist to discuss what options are available to perfect your smile.

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