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How To Keep Your Belongings Safe At The Gym Uncategorized 

How To Keep Your Belongings Safe At The Gym

Tips To Keep Your Possessions Secure As You Workout

If your gym has been targeted by locker room thieves, take steps to keep your belongings secure.

A spate of gym thefts across the country has led fitness enthusiasts to become particularly nervous about leaving their possessions unattended whilst they enjoy a quick workout or swim. A gym user of Total Fitness in Whitefield had his jeans stolen from a locker on Christmas Eve 2019. Unfortunately, his jeans contained the keys to his Volkswagen Tiguan which was also stolen from the gym’s underground carpark. In another incident, a number of gym bags were taken from inside lockers at gyms across Avon and Somerset. One of the bags contained a Rolex worth £4,000 which was removed from a locker at a Patchway gym. If you’re a frequent gym-goer, or would like to become one, then it’s essential that you know how to protect your belongings so you can enjoy your workout in peace!

Travel Light

Where possible, bring as little as you can to the gym with you. Although many gym-goers tend to frequent their sports centre on the way home from work, this may mean bringing laptops and other valuables into the gym with you. Remember that leaving them in your car is no better if thieves are able to acquire your car keys. Ideally, you should go home and dump your stuff before heading back out to exercise. Those who wear a large quantity of jewellery, should leave their bling at home, preferably in a locked safe, rather than risk bringing it into a gym locker room. Criminals who are scoping out a gym environment before they strike, will notice gym-goers who have a set routine. If you’re in there 5 days a week at 10am, and also remove a lot of valuable jewellery before you work out, then targeting your locker will be top of their priority list.

Walk To The Gym

Where possible, it’s better to walk to the gym rather than drive there. In terms of the added exercise, this should go without saying. But without a car to drive, you won’t need to bring any bulky keys with you. A single house key which will fit into a neat sports pocket, alongside a towel, water bottle and your phone should be all that you need.

Choose A High Security Gym

When you’re carrying out a tour of a gym before you sign up with them, make sure you ask about their security standards. A fitness centre equipped with smart gym lockers will be invested in the latest technology including integrated intruder alarms. This will give you peace of mind that if a thief does attempt to break into your locker whilst you’re working out, that they’ll be quickly stopped in their tracks. Whilst a gym is usually likely to defer responsibility of personal possessions to its users as a legality, a reputable gym will make use of sophisticated CCTV systems to ensure that the building is covered by surveillance and that any suspects will be caught on camera.

To enjoy your workout with peace of mind, remember to leave your valuables at home, try not to be too predictable with your gym routine and select a gym that is invested in its security.

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