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How To Prepare Your Static Caravan For Winter Uncategorized 

How To Prepare Your Static Caravan For Winter

Winterising Your Static Home Should Be A Priority

Why caravan owners should start preparing their static homes before locking up for the winter.

With caravan parks having reopened from July 4th, it may seem as though you’ve only just managed to get back to your static home this summer and already it’s time to think about your winter preparations. If you’re going to be leaving your caravan over the colder months, then you need to be aware of the damage that can be caused by flooding or freezing conditions. Here’s how to ensure that your static caravan will be kept in great repair when you return to it after the winter.

Flooding Of Your Caravan

Flooding within your caravan doesn’t always have to be related to storms or severe weather outside. Sometimes, faulty boiler or water installations within the interior of your caravan can also lead to water escaping and wreaking havoc inside.

Draining Down Your Static Home

Freezing pipes can also cause many problems which is why draining down your static caravan is absolutely essential before you vacate it at the end of the season. Before the park closes, make sure that you add antifreeze into the toilet’s water cistern. You should also remove the shower head and hose to prevent damage caused by frost. Finally, you’ll need to turn off the water supply from the stopcock and then let all the pipes in your caravan run through until the water flow stops.

Preventing Damp

Damp and mildew are nasty conditions that can cause extensive damage to a property when you’re not there to monitor their progress. For those hoping to sell their used static caravans in the future, the presence of damp could significantly reduce the value of the home. In properties which have little air circulation, as will be the case with your caravan during the winter, you might expect damp to form in places where the air and water vapour is trapped. You can prevent this from happening by removing the curtains to your caravan and standing mattresses up on the bed. Where possible, it’s also a good idea to move furniture such as wardrobes or sofas away from the walls. Be sure to give the caravan a thorough airing before you leave.

Maintenance Tasks

If you’re already aware that there are some repair jobs to take care of, then now is the time to look into these. That blocked gutter or leaky drainpipe is only going to get worse over winter, so take the time now to resolve these issues so you won’t need to worry come springtime. Less obvious problems might exist in the skylights or chassis – give these a thorough onceover to ensure that leaks aren’t likely. You should also clear any foliage or vegetation that has grown too close to your caravan in a bid to discourage any local wildlife from setting up home.

Securing Your Property

Any unoccupied property could be a target for opportunist thieves, so make sure that your static caravan is tightly secured before leaving it for winter. This means removing all valuables, including technology, to take home with you. Make sure all windows are locked and invest in a quality padlock before you leave.

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