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Low Level Crimes During Coronavirus Uncategorized 

Low Level Crimes During Coronavirus

How Criminals Are Adapting To Gain Access To People’s Homes

The police force will prioritise maintaining public order over low level crimes like burglaries.  

As the UK and many other countries has been hit by the coronavirus, the illness has highlighted the very best and the very worst of humanity. Of course, the NHS staff and key workers who are on the front line, dealing with the members of the public who might potentially be sick, are the true heroes of this pandemic. But unfortunately, there are the others amongst us, those who have been coughing at NHS workers, carrying out racially motivated attacks or who have used the coronavirus as a means for their fraudulent activities. This is made more concerning by reports that the police will be forced to ignore low-level crimes due to staff shortages.

Self Isolation Chaos

As the government advice is now focused on containing the spread of the virus, all UK residents are told to stay at home unless they need to leave to get to an essential place of work, for a short period of exercise, to provide care for a vulnerable person or else to pick up medication or attend a doctor’s appointment. Anyone who lives in a household with someone displaying symptoms of the coronavirus should not leave the house for a minimum of two weeks – these include anyone experiencing a fever or a new, persistent cough.

Police Priorities

As these rules are put in place, huge numbers of workers from all professions, including the police, have been left unable to work. As a result, the police force has been told to focus their efforts on ‘maintaining public order’ and ‘responding to serious crimes’ only. Government documents outlining the battle plan for dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, also explain that the police should temporarily ignore low-level crime such as burglaries in order to keep the peace amongst the general population.

Criminals Adapting With The Times

Whilst traditional burglaries may be less likely to happen as residents are known to be at home, criminals have adapted their techniques in order to gain access to people’s properties. Two known scams have been reported by the Metropolitan Police who have reminded people to be extra vigilant. The first is that thieves are posing as NHS workers who claim to be carrying out coronavirus testing by knocking on the doors of vulnerable people so that they’re let into their homes. The second type of scam is where people are offering to go to the shops and get supplies in for older people – they take the cash and are never seen again. In both of these cases, if anyone knocks on the door and offers either testing or shopping, then the advice is not to let anyone in, but to call 999 instead.

Equipping Your Home

Currently, residents are permitted to go out, therefore leaving their homes unoccupied for short periods of time. A burglar alarms Essex team reminds us of the importance of setting your intruder alarm system every time you exit your property as well as setting it during the night for extra peace of mind that your home is protected 24/7. Remember that your insurance company may not pay out if you have not activated your alarm system.

It’s essential that all of us take extra precautions to safeguard our property, finances and personal assets during this time. If you’re caring for a vulnerable person, then be sure to let them know about these scams so they can stay protected too.

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