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What Are The Latest Spring Garden Trends for 2020? Uncategorized 

What Are The Latest Spring Garden Trends for 2020?

Make The Most Of Your Garden This Season

Are you spending more time than usual in your garden this season? Here are some ways to ensure your outdoor space is firmly on trend!

After a particularly stormy winter, spring is finally here. And with the majority of us locked down at home, it’s time to spruce up our gardens and embrace the change in season. If you’re looking forward to spending more time outside in nature, then follow the latest spring garden trends to make sure you’re doing so in style!

Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg

With difficulties in reaching the supermarket or receiving home deliveries, many homeowners are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient. Growing your own fruit and veg is a fantastic strategy as it allows you to save money, be more eco-conscious and become more in touch with nature. There’s no need to find room for a kitchen garden either. If space is tight, you can plant tomatoes from a window box or enjoy some fresh herbs in small pots.

Avoiding Plastic

As the world faces up to the environmental problems caused by plastic, the garden is the perfect place to take a stance and eliminate this unnecessary material from your home environment. Instead of buying yet more plastic pots which will crack or take up space within your garage, why not invest in some more durable planters this year? White is particularly on trend in 2020, so you might choose to line up a white planter filled with colourful blooms next to a white fibreglass trough containing your crop of vegetables. This will provide your garden with a fresh look that is incredibly eco-aware.


Another knock-on effect of the lockdown is that we’re all a lot more conscious of the need to reduce waste. Where we do have food scraps, these can be used to create rich, nutritious soil. You might want to invest in a wormery to produce soil which is rich in organic matter. Otherwise you can simply bury your food and veg scraps to let them get back to nature and compost underground.

Feeling Connected To Your Garden

Gardens aren’t just for your kids and pets. There are incredible health benefits for you to enjoy when you spend time in nature’s playground. Homeschooling families will love the opportunities to teach about life cycles and shadow formation in the garden. Additionally, anyone who is experiencing stress or anxiety this spring can take advantage of the mental health benefits associated with being outdoors. Whether you wish to practice yoga in the garden, read a book whilst listening to the birds chirp, or simply use the space to reflect or develop greener fingers, this is a great chance to form a connection with the outdoor world.

Vertical Gardening

This certainly isn’t a new phenomenon, but vertical gardening has skyrocketed in popularity this spring as those without much space look to become surrounded with greenery. You can be really creative with the types of vertical gardens you display, using anything from ladders to welly boots to nurture your seeds.

If you feel inspired by any of these fantastic springtime gardening trends, then now is the time to get to work! Embrace your time spent at home by creating a beautiful green space to be proud of this season.

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