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What Assistance Do Visiting Carers Provide? Uncategorized 

What Assistance Do Visiting Carers Provide?

Could Home Care Be Right For You Or Your Loved One?

Visiting care is becoming more and more widely used in the UK, and it’s suitable for individuals with a diverse range of needs.

There are many levels of home care available, with visiting care being the most common. So who is it suitable for, and what kind of assistance do visiting cares provide?

Who is visiting care suitable for?

Visiting care is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those who have just left hospital, people struggling with disabilities or dementia, or those needing to regain the confidence needed to live independently after an accident. If you aren’t sure if visiting care is right for you or your loved one, reach out to Fambridge Care, provider of the best domiciliary care Chelmsford has to offer, to find out more.

Starting and ending the day

If getting out of bed and getting dressed is a struggle for an individual, then they may benefit from visiting care. A carer will be able to help them out of bed, help them to wash, and then assist them in getting dressed. They can also help them to get ready for bed too, ensuring that they are clean and dressed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Keeping on top of medication

Sometimes, someone can struggle to keep on top of their medication. A visiting carer can be on hand to ensure that medications are taken at the right time, and that they are taken appropriately too. This is particularly useful for those who are taking a lot of different medications, or those struggling with memory issues.

Continence care

If someone has continence issues, then they could be a great candidate for visiting care. A qualified carer will make sure that an individual has all the assistance they need, and that they are kept clean and comfortable at all times – all while allowing them to retain their sense of dignity. It’s a delicate issue, but one that the best carers are more than equipped to deal with.

Help with errands

A carer isn’t just on hand to deal with medical issues, they are there to help with everyday errands too! Whether it’s a case of driving someone to the supermarket and helping them to do their weekly shop, or heading to the post office to deliver a parcel, they will be more than happy to help.

Clerical assistance

If someone is poorly or dealing with dementia, keeping on top of clerical issues can often be one of the things that falls by the wayside. A visiting carer can help someone to make phone calls, write letters, or fill out forms. This can be vital for those claiming benefits or finding it hard maintaining correspondence with friends and family.

Household chores

It does someone a lot of good to stay in their own home for as long as possible, as it’s a place that’s safe and familiar to them. However, it’s vital that it’s clean and safe for them to live in. A visiting carer will make sure that household chores are completed, and will also ensure that the bins are empted and bedsheets and towels are changed.

Find out more today

If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from visiting care, be sure to contact Fambridge Care today. You’ll be able to arrange an assessment of your needs, allowing you to access the care that’s most suited to you.

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